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Penetration Testing (ethical hacking) will tell you how easy it may be to break through your firewall and access your data.

Our penetration testing service allows your business to stay ahead of hackers with ongoing “hacking attempts” on your network. It’s much easier, more thorough, and less expensive than traditional security assessments.

Why use mPowered IT Penetration Testing services:

  1. You can perform penetration tests at any time you want, however often you want.
  2. Track penetration testing activities in real-time and use them for improvement of detection and monitoring controls.
  3. We send email and SMS notifications to establish up-to-date progress and activities.
  4. Turnaround time from start to finish is significantly faster while providing the same or more results than traditional penetration tests.
  5. Deliverable packages contain more comprehensive details to help you understand, mitigate, and attempt to reproduce threats identified found in your network.

mPowered IT provides your team with a dashboard to track the penetration test and its activities in real-time. As we identify more issues and learn more information about the network, our cybersecurity team updates the portal to reflect the latest information, activities, and security threats.

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