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If you don’t have proactive security measures in place to protect your IT network, it’s only a matter of time before it will be attacked. Enforce managed security is our unique 6 layered security approach that will ensure your business has the protection it needs to avoid a devastating data breach.

  1. Enforce UTM – a fully managed perimeter security appliance that never goes out of warranty or end of life and is updated daily. The appliance is a full intrusion detection and prevention system that also offers bandwidth optimization, content management, and unlimited VPN connections – no extra licenses needed.
  2. Patching Enforcement & Endpoint Security – Included in our Enable program, our utilities make sure system patching is automatically handled and provides a full featured endpoint security platform. Gives you access to our Help Desk.
  3. DNS Security – this layer requires Layer 2 and monitors outbound browser destinations against a database of known “bad sites” to limit potential exposure when a user navigates to a bad link – intentionally or unintentionally.
  4. Profile & Protect – Monitors machines relative to a template profile assigned to each user in order to calculate risk score. It essentially magnifies any weakness in the profile as the machine use drifts in and out of compliance so that action can be taken. This later includes Layers 2 & 3.
  5. Detect & Respond – Monitors machines for suspicious behavior. The Security Operations Center (SOC) attempts to isolate, remediate, and lock down any issue before it spreads. In the event you get to the point of ransomware, should it slip through, recommendations will be made for recovery.
  6. Penetration Testing – We do thorough security assessments, compliance-related testing, and then put all security measures to the ultimate test – Penetration Testing. Also known as ethical hacking, we think like the “bad guys” and attempt to access your servers as a hacker would. We’ll issue a report of our findings and recommendations to fix any vulnerabilities. Get details.

Most business owners think nothing will happen to their network. Until it does. Call us now at 678-389-6200 or contact us online.



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