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7 Questions Your IT Managed Services Provider in Atlanta Hopes You Won't Ask

These are questions most IT Managed Services Providers would rather avoid.

But please, ask us! The answers to these questions are the difference between “fixing what’s broke” and “keeping your technology working for your business.”

How many times are you going to have to fix this?

The only acceptable answer to this is, “It’s really fixed, so you shouldn’t have this issue again.”
If your IT service provider is only fixing the current problem, and isn’t looking for the root causes, the problem will continue. For providers who charge for fixing problems, there’s not much incentive to get to the root issues. More issues = more profit.
At mPowered IT, we always address the root issues to avoid future problems. We align our business goals with yours, so for both of us, fewer issues = more profit. Learn more

When was the last time you physically checked to make sure my backup is working?

Be careful of the answer you receive. When certain backup systems run into problems, they sometimes will fail to report those problems, so a regular physical check is important. You also need a routine file restore to be sure what the data that is reported as backed up is actually ‘good’. Don’t put blind faith in your backup system! If you’re paying for a service that’s supposed to prevent data loss, but no one knows if it’s actually working, then it’s pointless.
At mPowered IT, we can monitor and manage your backup system 24/7, and perform regular tests for backup integrity. It’s that important. Learn more

How much data would I lose if the system failed?

Most systems are set to automatically back up every 24 hours, which sounds great until you consider how much data your business handles each day. What would happen if the last 24 hours of data disappeared forever? Every email, every transaction, every project – gone.
At mPowered IT, we can do backups throughout the day, every day. If your system goes down, you may lose the data from the last backup that day – not the past 24-hour’s worth. And, we can provide a virtual server to keep you operational while we fix the problem. Very little lost, and very little downtime. Learn more

How come I’m not getting a report about my backup system?

If your IT service provider is actively making sure your backup is working, you should be getting a regular report.
mPowered IT provides a monthly report. Learn more

When was the last time you checked my firewall for updates?

Physically checking for updates should happen on a regular basis, no less than once a month. Some updates are automated, but others may not be. An outdated firewall is just a false sense of security. Firewalls have to keep up with evolving threats.
At mPowered IT, our managed security service is fully monitored and managed. All updates are automatically applied. Now that’s security. Learn more

What’s the turnaround time to get something fixed when I have a problem?

If service seems slow, your service provider may not have a specific answer because they likely do not have processes and objectives in place.
At mPowered IT, we treat service requests with a sense of urgency and have a target response time of 15 minutes. Even low-priority issues have no more than a 2-business-day resolution goal. Learn more

Can you help me with other technology needs – like my website or application programming? Or do you just fix things that are broken?

Many IT service providers are just glorified break-fix shops. They react when something goes wrong.
mPowered IT becomes a true business partner and provides proactive, strategic guidance from people with actual management experience.
We can also help you with virtually any of your technology needs. If you have a technology need that we don’t directly provide, we will stay involved on your behalf and bring in trusted partners or research experts in the field who can serve that need. Learn more

Do you want problems fixed – or problems avoided?

For proactive service, fewer network issues, and less downtime, you want mPowered IT.

Call 678-389-6200 or contact us online.

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