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mPowered IT was founded on the principle that delivering great customer service is, by far, the most important thing any business can do. When you have IT issues, the last thing you need is an IT service provider who doesn't seem to care. We care. We're more than simply responsive to service requests, we're proactive. Our goal is to fix issues before you're even aware they exist.

Five things your small business
can count on with mPowered IT support

Proactive monitoring 24/7/365
Response in 15 minutes or less
Fixed right the first time
Fair and predictable pricing
The best IT experience

Founder, John Mamon

Desktop monitor with John Mamon on microphone showing on screen

John Mamon launched mPowered IT in 2014 in Atlanta with a vision of serving SMBs as a partner and advocate, ensuring that they have the technology they need, and that it’s always working as it should.

John’s team consults with each new customer personally, not as a sales person, not as a tech expert, but as a business person. They take a CIO-level approach to your business, and will customize IT services and support that make the most sense for your specific business and budget.

We Wrote the Book on Customer Service

And we live it each day, with every customer, with every interaction.

The Extra Scoop
Rediscover the Art of Great Customer Service

by John Mamon, CEO, mPowered IT

To run a business, you must keep your customers happy. You not only have to anticipate their needs and meet them, you also should exceed their expectations – each and every time they come to you. The Extra Scoop will help your business rediscover the art of great customer service.

“It’s the book of the year for me!” – Laura Steward

To learn more or order the book, go to ExtraScoops.com

The Extra Scoop is about a higher level of service and some extras
you wouldn’t normally expect, but certainly deserve.

Custom Solutions

Like a doctor that examines you before
writing a prescription, we will never sell you
any IT support or services without first
listening to the issues you are having and
then understanding your goals. Only then
will we customize a solution for you and
your organization, regardless of its size.

Keep Your Technology

We “love you as you are.” We will never require you to overhaul your network or spend a lot of money just to do business with us. We are happy to help you with your current environment while we learn about your company, your budget, and associated risks. Anything else is a disservice to you.

Real Communication

Beginning with our consultative engagement approach, from onboarding, to your ongoing support and service, we will have open communication through all assigned levels of our organization. “Communicate! Communicate! Communicate!” are three of our core values!

Better Treatment

We value and care about every customer we support. You’ll know that any issue or question you might have is important to us. We treat every customer and team member in a friendly, professional manner. When we make a mistake, we will own it, correct whatever is necessary and embrace the opportunity to learn and grow.

Super Responsive

We respond and get to work on every issue as expediently as possible and within reasonable time frames relative to the urgency and severity of the issue.

We do everything we can proactively to minimize downtime and interruptions to your business and productivity.

Real Cyber Security

We stay on top of cybersecurity trends and services so we can incorporate that information into our proprietary security profile, and review it with you for your business to keep it as safe as possible.

Good Judgement

We use good judgment, critical thinking, and all available resources to pinpoint the root cause of problems and provide effective solutions.

Tech Guidance

Senior level staff members provide strategic, forward thinking guidance with respect to technology and how it can be used in your business. We consider your budget and objectives in providing recommendations and identifying risks.

Choosing the wrong Managed Services Provider (MSP) can cost you business.
Use this checklist to help you find the right provider.

“Passionate about bringing back the art of great customer experience, John Mamon is one business leader who understands that love is just damn good business.”

- Love is Just Damn Good Business, The Podcast

To the Decision Team,

I would like to personally thank you for taking the time to consider mPowered IT for your IT support needs. While there are plenty of providers who claim possession of the capabilities required to provide you support, I want you to know that we are different. We are different because for us, everything starts with two things: our core values and people.

mPowered IT values a true partnership with its customers and is greatly focused on delivering high quality services. I sincerely hope that this information provides a window in to the type of organization we are. I thank you again for the opportunity to earn your business. It is my hope you will place your trust in our organization and allow us to deliver the kind of IT support experience your team deserves.


More than the support itself, we believe that it’s important you understand the kind of organization you are partnering with, which is why I share our core values with you:

Ensure every person we interact with has a great experience

Do what we say we'll do

Wake up with a passion for our purpose every day

Communicate! Communicate! Communicate!

Embrace every opportunity to learn and grow

Speaker for Business Events

John Mamon speaking at Greater North Fulton Chamber of Commerce Book Event for The Extra Scoop book

mPowered IT CEO, John Mamon, can speak at your next company or business association event. John is an advocate for helping small businesses better understand their technology, and deliver a better customer experience.


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