Are you getting what you’re paying for?

If you’re like most business owners or managers, you’re paying a monthly fee for an IT service provider to make sure your network works, and you have support and backups in case it doesn’t.

In talking to business owners, we’ve discovered that many of them had learned that issues were not adequately fixed, or that their backup system really did not work. In other words, they were paying for services they were not actually receiving.

Unfortunately, the only way they discovered this was when the day came that something went terribly wrong, and adequate backups were not in place. Data was lost, and the business suffered.

It’s hard to know if your IT service provider is doing their job, especially if you’re not technical enough to even know what to ask. Here are two things you can ask your IT service provider, which will give you a clearer picture:

  1. When you fix a problem, are you also fixing the root issue? The answer should be yes. If they don’t address the root issues, the fixes will be temporary and the problems will resurface. If your provider is charging extra for service calls or tracking time against your allotted hours, they may not really have an incentive to fix root issues, since they get to bill you when there are problems to fix.
  2. How often is my network backed up? If the answer is once per day, you have reason to be concerned. That means you could lose an entire day of work if your network crashed – every business transaction, every project, every email. What you need is backups throughout the day, plus a virtual system to work from while your server is being repaired.

At mPowered IT, we work with you as a business partner, so our goals are aligned with yours. It’s much better for you when your network is secure and operating without issues, and it’s better for us too. When you work with mPowered IT, you get what you pay for, and so much more.

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