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Never Overlook Data Security Vulnerabilities!

Credit reporting agency Equifax stores financial data on more than 800 million consumers and 88 million businesses worldwide, so data security is absolutely critical.

On July 29, 2017, the company detected and blocked suspicious network activity associated with a web portal used by U.S. consumers to file disputes. Later analysis revealed the portal’s application framework, Apache Struts, was outdated and had a severe data security vulnerability.

Equifax hired cybersecurity firm Mandiant to conduct a forensic analysis, which revealed a massive data breach affecting 143 million U.S. consumers. Further investigation later increased the number to 145.5 million – or about 45% of the U.S. population.

Severe Data Security Vulnerability Overlooked

Equifax was first alerted to the Apache Struts vulnerability on March 8, 2017, more than two months before the breach started, according to testimony to a U.S. House subcommittee by from former Equifax CEO Richard Smith. Equifax failed to act on the alert and apply the available patch.

Hackers launched the attack exploiting the vulnerability about two months later, on May 13, 2017. By the time the breach was discovered in late July, hackers had accessed dozens of databases and created more than 30 backdoors into Equifax’s systems.

How your Business Can Avoid this Type of Security Breach

Even though the security breaches at large corporations make the headlines, it’s the smaller companies that are the most vulnerable. Small businesses are generally easier to hack because they don’t put real security measures in place. Here’s what we recommend:

  • Apply Security Patches in a timely manner – Equifax failed to realize an alert for a critical vulnerability applied to one of its web portals. A flaw that should have been patched in a timely manner went unpatched for months.
  • Get a real security partner to assess your vulnerabilities and catch issues before they blow up into expensive and damaging problems. Call mPowered IT at 678-389-6200 and ask for a FREE VULNERABILITY ASSESSMENT.



Share the Risk

Having an in-house IT person or staff seems like the most efficient way to keep your IT network running. After all – you always have someone on-site to take care of issues. But the reality is, their motivations may be counter to your business needs. IT staff are generally not motivated to perform regular maintenance or prevent issues. If everything is consistently running well, they’ll be sitting around most of the time. Their perceived job security depends on fixing what’s broken, so they must justify their existence by continually fixing issues. And when there’s a costly repair, you bear the expense.

Our motivation is completely opposite. We’re paid one low monthly fee to keep your network running, and it’s far easier and more efficient to prevent issues than it is to fix them. And when something does go wrong, we bear expense of fixing it. Most network issues are included in the fee.

Relying on IT staff for service and support means you bear all the risks when something goes wrong – and something will always go wrong! Outsourcing to mPowered IT means you have a managed services provider with business goals that are aligned with your business goals. We both do better when your network is running smoothly with no issues. Occasionally, something may go wrong, but we bear the risk. It’s on us to make it right.

Call mPowered IT at 678-389-6200 to see how much easier and more efficient it is to outsource all your IT service and support.



Best Practices!

Even the most well-intentioned IT staff is more motivated to use technologies that work best for them, or what they like most, than to use what’s best for your business. The processes and procedures they use may be what they know, but are not necessarily industry best practices. Since your business relies on its network, it’s critical that you have reliable technology and protocols in place to avoid network issues.

mPowered IT is highly motivated to employ the most reliable technologies, and follow industry best practices, because we measure our success by how well your network runs. We know we’ve done our job right when your network doesn’t have issues.

Call mPowered IT at 678-389-6200 to see how much easier and more efficient it is to outsource all your IT service and support.



More Services!


Some IT services you need to run your business effectively, such as data backup, email encryption, or hosting just don’t come with an in-house IT staff. Your IT staff will have to procure these services from outside vendors, so you’re already outsourcing. But how do you know if you have the right services to fit your business needs? Are you locked into services that don’t really do the job but is easy for your IT person to manage?

At mPowered IT, all the IT services you need are effectively set up and managed by one company that acts as your partner. We make sure your services fit your needs and budget, and are performing correctly to optimize your network security.

With mPowered IT, along with stellar IT service and support you can also get:

  • Email Encryption, Archiving, and Anti-SPAM services
  • Anti-Virus, Anti-malware, and Anti-Ransomware services
  • Remote Data Backup and Disaster recovery
  • Managed Network Security
  • Hosting (Cloud Services)
  • Application and web development

Call mPowered IT at 678-389-6200 to see how much easier and more efficient it is to outsource all your IT service and support.



If you like drama, we’re probably not the IT company you’d want!

Any issue with your company’s computer network sets the stage for drama. It can be as small as an employee not being able to access their email or a file they need – rendering them absolutely incapable of performing their job. It can be as big as a system crash that causes company-wide panic as orders can’t be filled or paychecks can’t be cut!

The first step is to call the IT support person in to FIX IT NOW! As time ticks away and sweat forms on everyone’s brow, the IT person works diligently to figure out what the heck happened (after asking those annoying questions: Is it plugged in? Have you tried restarting?). As moments pass, productivity plummets. When it turns into hours, hasty meetings are called and blame is thrown. And if it stretches into days, heads roll downhill with the month’s profits, along with customer retention.

Finally the IT person fixes it! Order is restored. There may be open weeping, hugs, high fives, and then everyone returns to work, feeling grateful that they had such wonderful IT support to take of it.

If you like that kind of drama in your business, you probably don’t want mPowered IT as your partner. We’re kind of boring. We just help to minimize issues with your computer network so it will just run as expected day in and day out. And maybe we’re kind of shy because we’d rather work quietly behind the scenes addressing potential issues before they turn into a problem you’d even notice. Sure, we do have to fix things now and then, but to us, we’ve done a great job when you don’t even think about your IT network. Yes, it seriously lacks drama, but it’s really good for your business.

Call mPowered IT at 678-389-6200 or contact us online.

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