ENSURE Backup & Disaster Recovery (BUDR) for Medical Practices

IT support for medical and dental practices
Do you know when the last time your network was backed up? If your system were to go down right now, how much patient data would you lose? A 24-hour backup means you could lose the last 24 hours of data. We keep do backups hourly. Doesn’t that make more sense for your practice?

Disaster Recovery is Required by HIPAA

Medical practices are required to adhere to HIPAA standards, even in a disaster situation.

Most medical practices don’t consider what could happen to patient data in the event of a natural disaster, such as a hurricane or flood, or even loss of power. HIPAA gives patients the civil right to their records, which remains intact, even if your building were to collapse, destroying your entire network.

mPowered IT keeps patient data safe through any disaster

Ordinary IT service & support companies may not understand HIPAA standards. We do. We can make sure your practice is HIPAA compliant regardless of whether your entire system fails or a tornado wipes it out. Your patient records will always be backed up in a secure off-site location.

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Is Your Backup System Adequate?

Most medical practices’ backup systems are inadequate, don’t address the most basic backup needs (restore time and restore points) and ignore some of the most common threats to your data.

But data protection is a HIPAA standard.


What Could Possibly Happen?

These are some of the most common threats to your network, which could cause significant data loss and downtime if you don’t have adequate BUDR.

  • Patient data stolen or compromised
  • Server crash
  • Files accidentally overwritten or deleted
  • Hardware damage by accident or vandalism
  • Fire and water damage
  • Natural disasters such as hurricanes and tornados

The mPowered IT Ensure Program provides complete Backup & Disaster Recovery (BUDR) services so whatever disaster occurs to your network, you have a plan in place and your patient data is safe and available.

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HIPAA Contingency Plan

Implementation specifications:

  1. (A) Data backup plan (Required). Establish and implement procedures to create and maintain retrievable exact copies of electronic protected health information.
  2. (B) Disaster recovery plan (Required). Establish (and implement as needed) procedures to restore any loss of data.
  3. (C) Emergency mode operation plan (Required). Establish (and implement as needed) procedures to enable continuation of critical business processes for protection of the security of electronic protected health information while operating in emergency mode.

ENSURE Practice Continuity Through Any Network Disaster

If your practice relies on EMRs and your system goes down, it’s pointless to see patients. Every hour that your system is down is costing you money in staff pay, rescheduled patient visits, permanent loss of some patients, plus the cost of getting your system back up and running. The Ensure Program protects your data and significantly reduces downtime, for a low monthly fee.

mPoweredIT Fire Ring Backup Snapshots

How much patient data can you afford to lose? Traditional backup systems expose the last 24 hours of data if the server fails. We take virtual snapshots of all your data throughout the day. If patient records are lost, we have a record of everything up to the last backup.

mPoweredIT Fire Ring Rapid Restoration

Full system restoration could take days with other backup systems. For practice continuity, we can present your server virtually while we repair the main system. With Ensure, most data disasters are quickly remediated.

mPoweredIT Fire Ring Off-Site Storage for Disaster Recovery

Onsite backups are vulnerable. We keep a copy of your patient records in a highly secure facility that’s vigilantly guarded against human intrusion and built to withstand fires, natural disasters and power outages. If you have a disaster, we can activate your systems in the cloud and get your practice running again while the disaster is mitigated.

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