Why do I need cloud backup for Microsoft Office 365?

Cloud backup is vital for protecting our clients Microsoft Office 365 data. The cloud provides tremendous value in a service designed to help secure an organization’s data. Anyone using Office 365 should be backing up to a 3rd party provider. With the massive migration of data to the cloud, it’s easy to overlook the need for a secondary, separate copy of business-critical data.

Here’s some insight from a data protection specialist, on the importance of cloud backup for Microsoft Office 365:

Most people know that Office 365 has built in redundancy so if Microsoft ever has a server go down the customer will never even notice. However, what happens if a user deletes, changes, or misplaces a file and doesn’t realize that the built in Microsoft retention period is a maximum 93 days for emails and 30 days for SharePoint and OneDrive data? This is a common user case we hear all the time.

Another case we hear about is from victims of a cyber-attack.

Email is the number one prey and Office 365 is not immune to cyberattacks. Include cloud backup as part of your multi-layered email security service that your email security properly protects them from today’s email threats.

Cloud backup not only offers the storage of critical business data in a secondary location to the Microsoft cloud, but also supplements the built-in Microsoft retention periods for Exchange, SharePoint, OneDrive and Groups data.

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