If it Doesn’t Bring Value – Why Hold onto It?

Business woman contemplating her options

Inspiration for ridding your business of things that hold it back. We’re all closing in on the end of another year, and business may not have been as good as you planned, or hopefully it’s starting to get better. In this economy, it doesn’t make sense to hold onto processes, systems, or services that are…

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What the Right IT Managed Services Provider Can Do for Your Small Business

mPowered IT - Blog Post - What the Right IT Managed Services Provider Can Do for Your Small Business

If your small business uses an IT Managed Services Provider instead of having one of your tech-savvy employees handle it – you’re on the right track. The IT technology that’s designed to make operations and workflows more efficient can ironically become a time-sucking burden when something goes wrong. A sluggish network, outages, glitches, forgetting to do the…

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Cloud Managed Services Means Never Paying for Hardware or Software Again

mPowered IT - Blog Post - Cloud Managed Services Means Never Paying for Hardware or Software Agai

The systems you use to run your business – phones, desktops, servers, file sharing and more represent capital expenditures that you know will become outdated or obsolete in the near future. More advanced hardware or software will come to market that will create a financial and operations conundrum – the newer technology is clearly better…

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A Good Definition of IT Managed Services 

mPowered IT - Blog Post - A Good Definition of IT Managed Services

According to Wikipedia the meaning of Managed Services is “… the practice of outsourcing the responsibility for maintaining, and anticipating need for, a range of processes and functions, ostensibly for the purpose of improved operations and reduced budgetary expenditures through the reduction of directly-employed staff.  We bolded the type on “ostensibly” because the brash honesty made us chuckle. Yes,…

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How to Find the Right IT Managed Services for Your Small Business

mPowered IT - Blog Post - How to Find the Right IT Managed Services for Your Small Business

As a small business owner or manager, you may have noticed that it’s hard to find a good IT company that fits your needs and budget. They are mostly geared toward larger clients, with more complex needs, and are priced accordingly. Some may even require changing your systems to receive their services – a major…

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Are You Getting Amazing ROI from Your Managed Services Provider?

mPowered IT - Blog Post - Are You Getting Amazing ROI from Your Managed Services Provider

When you contract with an IT Managed Services Provider, you may see the expense as a necessary evil, or simply the cost of doing business. You may not even expect an actual ROI, only the reduction of DOR (drain on resources). But if your Managed Services Provider is often MIA when you need them, what is the point?…

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Why Managed Cyber Security Makes Sense for Small Business

mPowered IT - Blog Post - Why Managed Cyber Security Makes Sense for Small Business

Nearly half of all data breaches happen to SMBs. And over half of all SMBs reported a cyber incident within the past year. Your small business is not flying under the radar – it’s a direct target for cybercriminals. They know that nearly half of all small businesses have no cybersecurity plan in place, which…

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What Do Managed IT Services Cost?

mPowered IT - Blog Post - What Do Managed IT Services Cost

The reason you don’t usually see IT Managed Services Pricing in a tidy little sum on MSP websites is that there are too many variables that go into it. The cost will depend upon what the provider includes in their Managed Services – some services are more comprehensive than others. The other major factor is the size…

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How Many Technology Vendors Does it Take to Get Your Issue Resolved?

The best answer is one! But technology comes from multiple vendors – typically an Internet Service Provider, IT support, hosting, email, word processing, video conferencing, phone systems, etc. When something goes wrong, you contact the vendor, sometimes only to find the trouble isn’t with your website, it’s your hosting, or it’s not your IT network…

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How Much Frustration are You Willing to Put Up With?

If you get frustrated with lousy service at a restaurant, you simply don’t eat there again. But when you get frustrated with your IT service, you put up with it for months or years. You may even renew the contract and pay more next year! With IT managed services, you may feel like you’re at…

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