Cloud Managed Services Means Never Paying for Hardware or Software Again

mPowered IT - Blog Post - Cloud Managed Services Means Never Paying for Hardware or Software Agai

The systems you use to run your business – phones, desktops, servers, file sharing and more represent capital expenditures that you know will become outdated or obsolete in the near future. More advanced hardware or software will come to market that will create a financial and operations conundrum – the newer technology is clearly better…

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Coming Soon – Microsoft Loop!

Microsoft Loop Logo

In November 2021, Microsoft revealed a new application for its ecosystem. Scheduled for release this summer, Microsoft Loop will add a collaboration interface to any of the Microsoft suite of products. Microsoft Loop will allow your team to organize everything needed for a project into one single workplace and track the progress made through notifications,…

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Embrace Workspaces

Embrace Workspaces – a cloud virtual desktop service – improves your security, makes backups automatic and reliable, and keeps you in compliance if your business has specific regulations. It’s ideal for remote or work-from-home employees as they can work from your systems and share information from anywhere. With more of your workforce being remote, this…

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How to Gain Efficiency from Your Remote Workforce

If your business survived Covid by transitioning to a remote workforce – fantastic! Now that the worst of the pandemic seems to be behind us, coping can no long be the objective. It’s time to thrive again. You have no doubt seen multiple benefits from having a full or partial remote workforce, and employees may…

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Unify Your Business Apps With the Help of Teams

Microsoft Teams is a platform that offers levels of communication, collaboration, and productivity that was previously unreachable in business. The platform has experienced exponential growth throughout the pandemic as it allowed businesses to continue trading – no matter their size – regardless of where their team was working. Microsoft Teams’ features can revolutionize your workday, with…

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A Digital Transformation in Your Business

Technology is now the main driver for businesses all over the globe and a staple of life in both a professional and personal sense. Our reliance on it will only continue to grow. The advancements in the technology have allowed us to work remotely and stay afloat during the Covid-19 pandemic. The times we are…

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Boosting Your 365 Environment

Drive your business to success with the Cloud So, you have taken the leap and made the transition to Cloud computing, but now comes the hard work – getting the best possible results you can from it. Whether it’s the quest for modernization or forced change due to servers becoming old – it is essential to…

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Microsoft Teams – How to Boost Collaboration

collaborating with Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams has quickly established itself as one of the best apps on the planet for boosting collaboration, communication, and productivity. Its collaboration capabilities know no bounds – with SharePoint and OneDrive allowing file-sharing, the video conferencing capabilities, and the fact that Teams is intricately woven into other platforms (such as Planner and Outlook) makes…

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