Why Managed Cyber Security Makes Sense for Small Business

mPowered IT - Blog Post - Why Managed Cyber Security Makes Sense for Small Business

Nearly half of all data breaches happen to SMBs. And over half of all SMBs reported a cyber incident within the past year. Your small business is not flying under the radar – it’s a direct target for cybercriminals. They know that nearly half of all small businesses have no cybersecurity plan in place, which…

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Business Email Imposters

laptop with inbox open

What Are They and How do You Deal with Them? Businesses are constantly under attack by online scammers and opportunists. You may do every update, keep an eye on your system at all times, and install strong firewalls. But, if you click on one bad link or your password gets leaked from somewhere else, your…

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What To Do If Your Business Is Hacked

The IT technology we use everyday to make our work easier also makes it easier for criminals to access our data. The more technology advances, the smarter hackers become, with many tools and techniques at their disposal to break into your company’s system. If you detect a cyber attack on your systems, you must react…

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Protection Against Phishing and Ransomware

Protection against phishing and ransomware attacks

Now we know what cyber threats are capable of and where they come from, let’s take a close look at how to protect your systems from two of the most common forms of cyber attack – phishing and ransomware.  Protect your business against phishing attacks   Phishing is an attempt to trick you into giving access…

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The Sources of Cyber Threats 

The sources of cyber threats

In the previous articles we explored cyber threats and some of the different types of attack that – if successful – can cause severe problems for your business. Now we will explore where those attacks come from and some of the best tools and methods to ensure that your organization is well defended .  Cyber…

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Cyber Threats – The Types of Attack 

Cyber Threats the types of attack

In our previous article we explored why your small business may be a prime target for cyber threats. In this article, we’ll go over the type of threats your business could face if unprotected. The Most Common Types of Cyber Threats  Malware  Malware is software that is designed specifically to cause problems, and is used…

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Cyber Threats – Are You a Target? 

Cyber Threats Are you a target

The number one threat to businesses is cyber crime. Today, your business is far more likely to be targeted by a cybercriminal than a traditional intruder. And if you’re a small business, even just a ma and pa shop, do not assume you are under the radar. If you have a computer network, if you…

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The Dark Web – A Guide to Stopping Your Data Ending up There

The likelihood of your organization becoming a victim of cyber crime has risen considerably over recent years. It our responsibility as business owners to educate ourselves on the threats that a successful cyber attack can pose on our organization. We must know the cyber security measures on the market, and understand what attacks they combat,…

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Knowing the Threats to Your Business

Business man shocked discovering cyber security attack

As unfortunate as it is, cyber security is now firmly at the top of our list of business concerns – regardless of the size of your organization, you are vulnerable. Cyber criminals see opportunity and pounce on it. Being a smaller business does by no means put you under the radar. You cannot guarantee cyber…

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