Choosing the Right MSP – What to look for

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Working with MSPs can help your business to cut costs on IT, but there are plenty of other benefits. Their profound understanding of cutting-edge technology can help you improve performance, operations, and security while reducing overheads. They can also offer several creative solutions to help you navigate the evolving landscape of the technology world.

But the thing that is most beneficial about MSPs is their ability to design and tailor-fit solutions that will perfectly fit your business.

Not all MSPs are created equal. Some will be better suited to your specific needs than others. One resonates with your values more than others, the other has the experience and certifications that your feel suit your infrastructure best.

Here are six important things to keep in mind when making your choice:

1. The MSPs track record

Prospective MSPs should be able to provide case studies and testimonials so they can demonstrate their success working with companies like yours. You can also ask for references and endorsements from previous clients, which will help you determine reputation and reliability.

Working with an MSP that has a reputable name in the industry can ensure your systems are being well taken care of and maintained. Not only that, you can be assured that your MSP will do all in its power to maintain its good reputation.

2. The range of services

MSPs offer a wide array of services. Some are full-service companies providing IT support, cloud services, security, backup services and more. In contrast others may help you with just tech support, or fixing what’s broken. It usually more efficient and affordable to work with one provider for all the IT services you need, rather than managing several different entities.

3. Proactive support

Your MSP should be ensuring that you’re always up and running and rarely need service calls. They should be monitoring your systems and conducting regular checks to make sure everything is running smoothly.

4. Response time

When something does go wrong you can’t afford delays in service. Ask what their typical response time is when you put in a service call. Do they have a sense of urgency when the problem is severe enough that it hampers your business.

5. Security and Back-up

Managing your backup and cyber security is probably one of the most crucial things an MSP can do for you.

Once you work with an MSP, they should recommend robust security solutions and endpoint protection to combat cyber attacks. During their engagement, they should continually assess your IT environment to help ensure it is safe and secure.

Another part of their mission should be the implementation of a robust backup solution. This will enable you to retrieve your data in case of a breach.

With a failproof backup and security solution in place, you should be able to operate your business more confidently. The risk of downtime will be drastically lower, allowing you to maintain high standards, retain customers and preserve your brand.

6. Guidance on workflow options

Your MSP should not just deal with cyber security, they should also suggest the best ways to improve the overall tech ecosystem across your company.

They should optimize your approach to workflow and data to create efficiencies in all departments and also advise you on the various types of CRM solution and project management applications that would benefit your business.

The emergence of AI means there’s a whole new world of opportunities for your team to work more efficiently, collaborate better, and solve complex problems.

Recruit your MSP carefully

An MSP should bring value to your company. They should work with you as a partner, and have a desire to keep your systems running. The cost should be fair for your size of business, and ideally it’s a flat monthly fee that will have no unpleasant surprises.

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