Backup & Disaster Recovery
for Insurance Agencies

The mPowered IT Ensure Program provides complete BUDR services so whatever disaster occurs to your network, your data is safe and available.

Ensure Your Data is Safe and Your Insurance Agency is Protected

Ensure Basic

A file-based backup program that gives you an added level of protection off-site. Ensure Basic is reliable, very affordable, and ideal for protecting everything from one device to multiple devices, like tablets, phones, desktops and laptops.


An image-based backup service, which provides continuous backups throughout the day. If your system goes down, we’ll have snapshots of your system and can restore to different hardware if necessary. In many cases, we can even run your server on the backup appliance while repairs are in progress.

Ensure VC2

This industry-leading technology provides seamless backup for virtualized environments and providesoffsite services along with disaster recovery options. You have access to all your data on demand. Ideal for insurance agencies required to meet compliance and security mandates.

What could possibly happen?

mPowered IT - Insurance BUDR - Common Threats to Your Network

These common threats to your network could cause significant data loss and downtime if you don’t have adequate BUDR:

  • Loss of customer data and claims information
  • Data theft by an employee or hacker
  • Server crash
  • Files accidentally overwritten or deleted
  • Hardware damage by accident or vandalism
  • Fire and water damage
  • Natural disasters such as hurricanes and tornados

ENSURE Business Continuity Through Any Network Disaster

The average cost of downtime for a small business is $18,000 per hour.
The Ensure Program protects your data and significantly reduces downtime, for a low monthly fee.

The Ensure Basic Program

File-Based Backup

Ensure Basic is our most affordable option for secure backup. It’s a reliable system that provides both onsite and offsite backup. Doing your own backup, with onsite-only storage, is not enough to keep your files safe. Your onsite backup is still vulnerable to theft, power outages, fire, and natural disasters. The mPowered IT Ensure Basic Program provides complete file-based backup services, both onsite and offsite, at very flexible and affordable rates. Should you have a network disaster, we have your backup.

mPowered IT - Insurance BUDR - Ensure Basic Program

Off-Site Cloud Storage

In the cloud, you’re using our state-of-the-art systems, so you never again have to purchase hardware and software, or stress over how and when to make that investment. We keep our technology up to date because that’s our business. You stay up to date automatically, without ever incurring a major capital expense.

Access Lost or Deleted Files

You pay only for services you need now, not for technology to accommodate future growth or change. Our services scale up or down as your business needs evolve, so you never buy into technology you won’t need.

Automatic Backup

Because we own and maintain the technology, we take care of all upgrades, maintenance, repairs and replacements. You pay one low monthly fee with no surprise costs.

The Ensure Program

Image-Based Backup & Recovery

If you run a small insurance agency, you may be depending on a backup system that is inadequate. It may not address the most basic backup needs (restore time and restore points) and could ignore some of the most common threats to your data. And, if your IT service provider hasn’t tested in a while, there’s no way to know if it even works.

The mPowered IT Ensure Program provides complete image-based Backup & Disaster Recovery (BUDR) services, onsite and offsite via the cloud. We regularly test your backup system, so we know it will work when you need it most. Ensure means your data is always backed up, safe, and immediately available, even in a disaster.

mPowered IT - Insurance BUDR - Ensure Program

Off-Site Cloud Storage

Onsite backups are vulnerable. We keep a copy of your backup data in a highly secure facility that’s vigilantly guarded against human intrusion and built to withstand fires, natural disasters and power outages. If you have a disaster, we can activate your systems in the cloud and get your business running again while the disaster is mitigated.

Backup Snapshots

How much data can you afford to lose? Traditional backup systems can lose the last 24 hours of data if the server fails. We take virtual snapshots of all your data throughout the day. If data is lost, we have a record of everything up to the last backup.

Rapid Restoration

Full system restoration could take days with other backup systems. For business continuity, we can present your server virtually while we repair the main system. With Ensure, most data disasters are but a blip in your business day.

How Critical is Your Data?

Of companies suffering catastrophic data loss:

Close in 2 Years
Never Reopen

The Ensure VC2 Program

mPowered IT - Insurance BUDR - The Ensure VC2 Program

Simplify and Secure Backups with a Single, Advanced Solution

With industry-leading technology, you can seamlessly backup and access all your data on your network on-demand. mPowered IT Ensure VC2 offers you the most secure, reliable and hassle-free backup experience possible with Backup as a Service (BaaS) powered by Veeam Cloud Connect.

You’ll reap the benefits of increased security and reliability with an automated offsite backup while eliminating upfront capital equipment expenditures. In just a few minutes, you can start backing up to the Cloud without a VPN or separate console. The cloud repository works just like a local resource, but cloud data is available even if the primary backup or data center is lost.

Veem cloud & service provider icon

Reduce Costs

Reduce the capital cost of backup equipment and the resources required for onsite, manual backup.

Security & Compliance

Meet compliance and security mandates specific to insurance agencies.

Business Continuity

Backups can be restored in the cloud and run as cloud servers to ensure business continuity.

100% Protection

Experience the 100% continuity and protection of a fully-redundant system – without the expense.

Why Choose ENSURE VC2?

Secure and Compliant

  • Hosted on a secure, compliant, Cisco Powered cloud infrastructure and built on enterprise-class hardware
  • Highly available and redundant infrastructure; industry-leading SLAs

Cost Efficient

  • Diminish expense and complexity of obsolete tape backups or backup appliances
  • Eliminate data center costs including space, power, network, equipment

Encrypted Transfers

  • All backup traffic is securely transferred with end-to-end AES 256-bit encryption at source (during backup), in transit and at rest
  • No negative impact on built-in compression, deduplication and WAN Acceleration

Enhanced Replications

  • 50x faster replication and up to 20x reduction in bandwidth consumption with WAN Acceleration
  • Replication from backup files without impacting your production environment


  • Fully automated backups according to the customers’ schedule


  • Quickly and easily add resources as needed; expand capacity on the fly

Fast Startup

  • Rapid setup and provisioning for near-immediate startup