EMBRACE Cloud & Hosting Services for Businesses

Cloud computing
Never buy hardware or software again! 

Imagine how much more predictable your business expenses will be knowing you’ll never have to make a large capital expenditure for new servers, or worry that your technology is becoming outdated. 

Cloud Services provide secure access to your corporate systems from anywhere, on any device

Businesses of all sizes are embracing cloud technology because of the unprecedented flexibility, scalability, security and overall cost savings. Adopting a cloud-based IT network is fast becoming necessary to keep a competitive edge.

You’re likely already using some form of cloud service, such as email and file sharing.

Currently 95% of businesses are using cloud services in some form. mPoweredIT’s Embrace Cloud Services makes it easy and affordable to transition to a cloud-based network so your business can immediately reap the benefits.

Cloud Services

  • Hosted email services
  • Anti-spam services
  • Email encryption
  • Telephone/Voice-over-VOIP
  • Desktops-as-a-Service
  • Hosted servers
  • Co-location
  • File sharing
  • Other services

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 Why the Cloud is Great for Business

mPoweredIT Fire RingCloud Services Increase Agility & Productivity

Cloud storage makes your company’s network accessible to your employees, wherever they are, from whatever device they prefer to use. Employees can easily get to their work files from home, while traveling, or during an off-site presentation. The cloud extends your office and increases productivity.

mPoweredIT Fire RingEmployees Can Bring Their Own Devices (BYOD)

Employees increasingly want to use their own devices at work. They’re more comfortable and productive with them, and tend to upgrade more frequently. We secure and manage employee access to your systems.

mPoweredIT Fire RingCloud Services Provide Better Security

Your servers are kept in a highly secured facility, protected from intrusion, cyber attacks, power outages and natural disasters. Your data is safer in the cloud than in your building, where it’s vulnerable to damage, hackers and employee theft.

mPoweredIT Fire RingNever Pay for System Upgrades

In the cloud, you’re using our state-of-the-art systems, so you never again have to purchase hardware and software, or stress over how and when to make that investment. We keep our technology up to date because that’s our business. You stay up to date automatically, without ever incurring a major capital expense.

mPoweredIT Fire RingCloud Services Allow You to Pay As You Grow

You pay only for services you need now, not for technology to accommodate future growth or change. Our services scale up or down as your business needs evolve, so you never buy into technology you won’t need.

mPoweredIT Fire RingReduce Overall IT Costs

Because we own and maintain the technology, we take care of all upgrades, maintenance, repairs and replacements. You pay one low monthly fee with no surprise costs.

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