Cloud Managed Services Means Never Paying for Hardware or Software Again

mPowered IT - Blog Post - Cloud Managed Services Means Never Paying for Hardware or Software Agai

The systems you use to run your business – phones, desktops, servers, file sharing and more represent capital expenditures that you know will become outdated or obsolete in the near future. More advanced hardware or software will come to market that will create a financial and operations conundrum – the newer technology is clearly better for your business, but you just bought the technology you have a few years ago. The systems you have that work well for you need their updates to continue working well for you – who is in charge of that?

The answer is in the Cloud. All your business systems can live in the Cloud where your technology will never become obsolete, and no one forgets to do the updates. If you have Cloud Managed Services, your provider manages and upgrades your technology. You pay one monthly fee for all of it. You can easily budget your tech spend knowing there will be no capital expenditures in any given year.

Your business is likely already using some services in the Cloud, such as email and file sharing. But your entire phone system and all your desktops can also live in the cloud. Instead of purchasing the hardware and software, you simply pay for these as a service. 

Even collaboration and productivity systems such as Microsoft Office 365 and Azure, which are already Cloud-based services, can be setup, managed, and supported by your Cloud Managed Services provider. You may already know that to get support with systems like this, you generally must search their website for the issue you’re having and find the answer in community responses. Who has time for that? Part of the Cloud Managed Services that mPowered IT offers is to be the help desk for your Microsoft systems.

The immediate and long-term cost savings of transitioning to the Cloud and using Cloud Managed Services to take the management and support off your plate, is reason enough to make the move. But it’s the daily real-life productivity, flexibility, and time savings that your whole company will enjoy.

With all your systems and files safely secured and available to employees in the Cloud, they can work from anywhere and never scramble because they’re missing an important document or presentation they need. Employees can use their own devices if they prefer, and have the same access, systems, and security as they would with your own desktops in the office.

On top of that, your data is safer in the Cloud than it is locked up in your office. mPowered IT keeps your servers in a highly secured facility that protects against intrusion, cyber attacks, power outages, and natural disasters. 

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