How to Cut Huge Capital Expenses Using Cloud Based Services

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As a business owner, you may feel a little leery about trusting your IT network to “the cloud.” You’re used to having your servers physically present in some closet in the office. How can it be safe if it were located offsite in some remote place?

The truth is, you’re probably using a lot of cloud services without even realizing it. Microsoft’s Office 365 and many online file sharing solutions are cloud based.

Stay Current without Paying for Upgrades

Think about the last time you had to purchase network hardware. Maybe you don’t want to think about it because it was a stressful decision. It was likely a major capital expense that you knew would not last for more than a few years. Software upgrades can sometimes render hardware obsolete long before you’re ready to make that investment again.

One of the benefits of using cloud services is that you never have to worry about hardware maintenance, or how long the hardware will remain useful, or when to upgrade. That happens automatically, typically with no additional cost, and no stressful decisions. Your cloud computing provider is responsible for keeping their servers and other hardware updated – and they always will! It’s in their best interest. Sometimes, even software upgrades are included, depending on the program.

Are you ready to embrace the cloud? Currently 95% of businesses are using cloud services in some form. mPowered IT’s Embrace program for cloud services makes it easy and affordable to transition to cloud-based services so your business can immediately enjoy the safety, security and savings.

If you never again want to worry about the cost of upgrading hardware – or the cost of putting off those upgrades – call mPowered IT. We can help you with a custom solution that fits your exact business needs.

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