Protect Your Insurance Agency Against Cyber Crime

You have personal, identifiable information on your policyholders, and other data that’s very valuable to hackers. If you don’t have proactive security measures in place to protect your IT network, it’s only a matter of time before it will be attacked.

CNN Money reported that nearly half of all cyber attacks happen to small businesses because they are easy prey — they don’t put real security measures in place.

Get Real Security

The mPowered IT Enforce Managed Security program protects your entire network against any type of threat, attack, shutdown or outage — saving you downtime, loss of revenue, lawsuits, and possible collapse. All for one low monthly fee.

Add Layers of Protection

To outwit cyber criminals who spend each day devising new ways to attack systems, you can’t simply rely on a firewall and passwords. You need layers of security that are actively monitored, managed, and updated.

Get a Penetration Test

Ever wondered how vulnerable your agency's systems are to hacking? The only way to know is a penetration test or “ethical hacking” where our experts test your computer network from a hacker’s perspective. Learn more.

Awarded for Cyber Security Services to Small Business!

Calyptix Security once again honored mPowered IT with its Premier Partner award for our success in accelerating growth in network security services for small and medium business in the Atlanta area, and for our commitment to superior IT support and services for our customers.
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Keep Your Insurance Agency Rolling with Enforce Managed Security

mPowered IT is dedicated to helping medical practices secure their networks against all types of threats, to protect against costly disruption. We know insurance agency software and systems and how to protect them.

Internet Usage Tracking

Know who is using your precious bandwidth, and how. If you suspect an employee is wasting time surfing the web or playing games, you can know for certain and address the issue appropriately.

Anti-Spam Services

Keeps your network from being cluttered with junk, which slows it down and steals productivity.

Traffic Prioritization

Prioritizes Internet usage for best performance.

Anti-Virus/Anti-Malware Protection

Stops threats that reach your computers for 2nd layer of protection — for anything that gets past the firewall.

Managed Firewall

Protects entire system, like a locked door against home intruders. This is an important first line of defense that protects against most outside threats.

A passive firewall isn’t enough.

Unified Threat Management

Rather than waiting for a security breach, we proactively watch for cyber threats. We can determine if your system is about to become a victim and stop the threat before it causes harm.

Email Encryption

Confidential email can easily be intercepted by those who want access to do you harm. We can encrypt your outgoing email so only the intended recipient can read it. To hackers, your emails will appear as useless gibberish.

Content Blocking

Keeps employees from accessing non-work related content and hazardous sites, which will greatly increase productivity and reduce your risk for lawsuits.

All for one low monthly fee

We’re your proactive security team, fully equipped to provide the best prevention against whatever destruction cyber thieves are thinking up next.

Layers of Security

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A fully managed perimeter security appliance that never goes out of warranty or end of life, and is updated daily. The appliance is a full intrusion detection and prevention system that also offers bandwidth optimization, content management, and unlimited VPN connections – no extra licenses needed.

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Included in our Enable program, our utilities make sure system patching is automatically handled and provides a full featured endpoint security platform. Gives you access to our Help Desk.

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This layer requires Layer 2 and monitors outbound browser destinations against a database of known “bad sites” to limit potential exposure when a user navigates to a bad link – intensionally or unintentionally.

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Monitors machines relative to a template profile assigned to each user in order to calculate risk score. It essential magnifies any weakness in the profile as the machine use drifts in and out of compliance so that action can be taken. This layer includes Layers 2 & 3.

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Monitors machines for suspicious behavior. The Security Operations Center (SOC) attempts to isolate, remediate, and lock down any issue before it spreads. In the event you get to the point of ransomware, should it slip through, recommendations will be made for recovery.

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We do thorough security assessments, compliance-related testing, and then put all security measures to the ultimate test – Penetration Testing powered by Contextual Security. Also known as ethical hacking, we think like the “bad guys” and attempt to access your servers as a hacker would. We’ll issue a report of our findings and recommendations to fix any vulnerabilities. Get details.

Threats to Your Insurance Agency from Your Own Technology

Most business owners think nothing will happen to their network.

Until it does.

These are common threats to small businesses that happen every day that can cost tens of thousands of dollars to overcome.

System & Cyber Threats

  • System Outage
  • Lost Productivity
  • Viruses and Spyware
  • Ransomware
  • Email Interception

Data Theft or Deletion

  • Customer/patient records
  • Payroll info
  • Accounts payable/receivable
  • Policy information
  • Claims data
  • Commission data

Cyber Attacks on Small Business

According to the 2018 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report, 58% of cyber attack victims were small businesses because they are easy prey — they don’t put real security measures in place.
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