Businesses Robbed Blind

We ran across this disturbing security trend and wanted to make sure all businesses, especially smaller ones, are aware of it. Most business owners or managers assume that if they have a security breach, they’re going to know about it. They imagine systems failing or some other obvious calamity.

But what’s now happening is, on average, businesses are being “robbed blind” for six months before they become aware of the breach. And, 69% of those businesses only found out because an outsider informed them of it, such as law enforcement or a business partner.

The easiest way to prevent being robbed blind, or becoming a victim of any security threat, is to make sure you have real security measures in place, and those measures are constantly updated and monitored to stay on top of evolving threats. This is hard for small businesses, because it can be expensive to devote resources to network security. But, that’s why we’re here! mPowered IT is designed and priced to support small business. Take a look at how we can secure your business for a fraction of the cost of hiring IT staff.

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