Cyber Threats – Are You a Target? 

Cyber Threats Are you a target

The number one threat to businesses is cyber crime. Today, your business is far more likely to be targeted by a cybercriminal than a traditional intruder. And if you’re a small business, even just a ma and pa shop, do not assume you are under the radar. If you have a computer network, if you use the Internet, if any part of your business is conducted online – if you have an email account, your business is exposed to cyber threats.

Most cybercriminals do not discriminate between the targets they choose – they just look for easy prey. Think of them like a car thief or burglar; most are seeking unlocked doors and no one around watching. Smaller businesses often do not put any real security measures in place, so they are the cyber version of an unlocked door with no one watching.

What Can You Do About It?

Real cyber security is not like an insurance policy that you can simply buy and be protected. Cyber security has to be constantly updated to stay ahead of the cybercriminals. So if you put a firewall in place a couple of years ago, the criminals have since found a way around it. The easiest, most affordable way to ensure your network is safe from evil, is to have active protection from a cyber security professional. Their only job is to stay ahead of the threats to keep your business systems secure.

Get a Penetration Test

Even if you are certain that you have appropriate security protocols in place, it’s smart to put them to the test. A penetration test, or “ethical hacking” will simulate what a cybercriminal sees when lurking around your IT network. If there are vulnerabilities, you’ll find out before the wrong people do.

mPoweredIT – Ensuring You are Cyber Secure 

mPowered IT is your go-to proactive partner for keeping IT systems secure and defended. We never leave things to chance or wait for a problem to arise – predicting and preparing for the threats of tomorrow will help ensure your valuable data is protected and your business continuity maintained. Contact us today and see how we can help you.