Cyber Threats – The Types of Attack 

Cyber Threats the types of attack

In our previous article we explored why your small business may be a prime target for cyber threats. In this article, we’ll go over the type of threats your business could face if unprotected.

The Most Common Types of Cyber Threats 


Malware is software that is designed specifically to cause problems, and is used to target a device or network and leave carnage in its wake. It’s as easy to get into your system as one employee clicking a bad link from an email.


Conducted via email, phishing attacks are an attack of deception – the sender pretends to be a person or entity you would trust. They trick recipient into disclosing confidential information or downloading malware by the means of redirection through hyperlink. The attack can only be successful if facilitated by a user – more on this later in the series. 


Ransomware is the process of a cyber criminal encrypting your data and demanding a ransom for the safe return of access to it again. A ransomware attack can be particularly frustrating, because your data is right there but you can’t access it. What’s worse, if you pay the ransom, there is no guarantee that your data will be restored without damage, or at all, and you’ve just enriched a criminal.

Malware on Mobile Apps 

Mobile devices can – in some ways – be more susceptible to malware attacks, because we usually consider our mobile devices as a place to enjoy ourselves and relax, and we aren’t usually on the ball when we are using them. But, a mobile device, once compromised, can give the cyber criminal access to all of your organization’s personal information, location data, financial accounts, and more. The consequences of an attack are the same as if performed on a computer or main system in the workplace, but the likelihood of success is far higher due to your team facilitating the attack when clicking on embedded links in eEmails. 

Emerging Cyber Security Threats 

Cyber threats – in unison with the technological advancements of modern times – are constantly evolving, and there are millions of new ones being developed daily. The majority are built to the same template as one another, but some are more threatening than others. 

As they advance, cyber threats are becoming more dangerous, so we must be prepared for what the future will bring. 

In the following articles we will explore different sources of cyber threats, what the best practices are for businesses, and some of the ways you can defend your systems against the most common attacks you are likely to face. 

mPoweredIT – Ensuring You are Cyber Secure 

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