Simple USB Devices are Becoming Cybersecurity Threats

USB drives, sometimes called thumb drives, jump drives or flash drives – any USB device you may use to store and transport data, could be spreading malware. These may seem like old school devices that fly way under the radar for cybercriminals, but it’s the fact that they are overlooked and not thought of as posing any danger that makes them appealing.

Because USB drives’ whole purpose is to transport data from one computer device to another, it’s an easy way to also transport malware. If a USB drive is connected to a device on a network, the entire network can become infected.  

How can you protect your organization from USB threats?

First, as part of your IT security training for your staff, they should never be allowed to use an unknown USB drive on company computers. If they have received one to use, they should take it to your IT person to evaluate. They should never just plug it in to see what content is there.

If your business needs to use USB drives, use endpoint protection software and enable automatic scanning when they are inserted.

Partner with a cybersecurity company like mPowered IT to put the tools and services in place to protect your network from any and all cybersecurity threats. The threat actors are working 24/7 to figure out new ways to mess with your business, so the only way to combat that is to be equally as diligent in protecting yourself. That’s what we do so you don’t have to.