The Sources of Cyber Threats 

The sources of cyber threats

In the previous articles we explored cyber threats and some of the different types of attack that – if successful – can cause severe problems for your business. Now we will explore where those attacks come from and some of the best tools and methods to ensure that your organization is well defended . 

Cyber threats can come from anywhere, for any reason. Some criminal organizations are run like a business and have targets, while some are dedicated to causing as much carnage as possible and will do anything to gain access to your data. 

Some sources are: 

  • Nation-states 
  • Terrorists 
  • Industrial spies 
  • Organized crime groups 
  • Unhappy insiders 
  • Disgruntled ex-employees
  • Hackers 
  • Business competitors 

Cyber weapons have become weapons of war, far easier and cheaper than guns and bombs. They can be used to shut off electricity or gain access to financial institutions. If cyber attacks can exert power over a city or nation, rest assured, they can wreak havoc on your business. Even small scale attacks are gaining in sophistication as hackers can easily acquire their weapons on the dark web.

Best Tools for Cyber Defense – Outsource your security

Just as most small businesses outsource complicated functions like accounting or tax preparation rather than have a staff person spend countless hours on something a pro could do more efficiently and effectively, cyber security is better with an expert. This is by far the best way to defend your systems. Outsourcing your security services puts the burden in the hands of professionals who are completely focused on security 24/7.   

What about the cost? If you consider the time it takes to stay knowledgeable about cyber threats and what you may pay for purchasing security software and systems, and keeping them updated, you may find that it’s actually more cost effective to outsource, and simply pay a monthly fee.

How effective are your own security protocols? If you’re handling your own security, how do you know what you’re doing actually works? A good security professional puts their security measures to the test. They can do a penetration test to check for vulnerabilities from the viewpoint of a cyber criminal.

Get in contact with a member of our team if you are interested in outsourcing your cyber security measures. 

mPoweredIT – Ensuring You are Cyber Secure 

mPoweredIT is your go-to proactive partner for keeping IT systems secure and defended. We never leave things to chance or wait for a problem to arise – predicting and preparing for the threats of tomorrow will help ensure your valuable data is protected and your business continuity maintained. Contact us today and see how we can help you.