DaaS: Is This Right For My Business?

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By now, you’ve probably heard of Desktop as a Service (DaaS). Thanks to the cloud, DaaS allows businesses of all sizes to exploit many of the same resources that only larger organizations could use previously – without them being tied to an on-premise desktop or the huge headache of infrastructure and IT costs. This allows CEOs, CIOs and other employees to spend less time worrying about infrastructure, and more time where it counts: growing and maintaining a rock-solid company.

What is DaaS?

At its heart, DaaS is a subscription service that provides businesses with virtual desktops. Authorized users can access their own applications and files anywhere and at any time. Practically any application you already use or are considering using can be integrated into a DaaS model. You can even decide whether to migrate some or all of the applications you use to the cloud. DaaS gives you any level of flexibility your small, medium or enterprise-level business needs while still allowing you to maintain control of your data and desktop.

The cool part about this? A lot of applications in the cloud just don’t have the same capabilities as their desktop counterparts. And, DaaS allows businesses to maintain all of the same functionality provided by the software without sacrificing control over any of their data. Nor does the business have to host the applications or maintain complex infrastructure.

Additional Benefits of DaaS:

1. Getting the best of both worlds: DaaS delivers the full client application experience. Users sacrifice none of the features or functionality of their software for the flexibility provided by the virtual desktop, especially when the cloud hosting provider offers dedicated servers for cloud hosting.
2. Available applications: DaaS allows users to integrate over 1,000 software applications into a virtual desktop.
3. Better interoperability: With DaaS, the user’s entire desktop is virtualized and kept together, allowing applications to integrate seamlessly.
4. Control: DaaS allows users the option of storing all application data, user information, etc. within their own data center, giving them complete control.

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