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data security best practices

Do you know how easy it is for a competitor to gain access to your customer list?
Or how easily one employee can accidentally make your company files publicly accessible?
Or how anyone who really wants to can read all those “private” emails you send?

 Learn Data Security Best Practices to Keep Your Company Data Secure

Your company data is a major asset, so keeping it secure should be a top priority. Most small businesses do not have data security best practices in place for keeping their data safe, which makes them vulnerable to accidental release of data and purposeful hacking.

Download a FREE copy of Data Best Practices from mPowered IT to learn how to keep your info safe!

Company data you really don’t want made public

  • Employee records
  • Payroll records
  • Proprietary product info
  • Customer lists
  • Projects in progress
  • Client emails
  • Personal emails

Whether you transact online with customer credit cards or not, you are especially vulnerable to exposing your private data. Most small businesses are easy targets because they’re not putting reliable data security measures in place. And not all data security breaches come from an outside hacker – sometimes they come from a disgruntled employee. Or, more likely, they happen because employees do something innocent not realizing they’ve created a vulnerability. Or, management has provided too much access to too many employees.

If you don’t want your business to become anyone else’s business, download your free copy of Data Security Best Practices or call mPowered IT at 678-389-6200.



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