Data Security Best Practices for Your Atlanta Small Business

Small business are vulnerable to hackers and cyber threats
Don’t let guys like this take down your business!

Learn Data Security Best Practices

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Threats to Your Business from Your Own Technology

Most business owners think nothing will happen to their network.

Until it does.

These are common threats to small businesses that happen every day that can cost tens of thousands of dollars to overcome.

System & Cyber Threats

  • System Outage
  • Lost Productivity
  • Viruses and Spyware
  • Ransomware
  • Email Interception

Data Theft or Deletion

  • Customer/patient records
  • Payroll info
  • Accounts payable/receivable
  • Research
  • Inventory
  • Project files

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Keep Your Business Rolling with Enforce Managed Security

mPowered IT is dedicated to helping small and mid-size businesses secure their networks against all types of threats, to protect against costly disruption.

mPoweredIT Fire RingManaged Firewall

Protects entire system, like a locked door against home intruders. This is an important first line of defense that protects against most outside threats.

A passive firewall isn’t enough. See 5 Reasons to Toss Your Firewall.

mPoweredIT Fire RingUnified Threat Management

Rather than waiting for a security breach, we proactively watch for cyber threats. We can determine if your system is about to become a victim and stop the threat before it causes harm.

mPoweredIT Fire RingeMail Encryption

Confidential email can easily be intercepted by those who want access to do you harm. We can encrypt your outgoing email so only the intended recipient can read it. To hackers, your emails will appear as useless gibberish.

mPoweredIT Fire RingContent Blocking

Keeps employees from accessing non-work related content and hazardous sites, which will greatly increase productivity and reduce your risk for lawsuits.

mPoweredIT Fire RingInternet Usage Tracking

Know who is using your precious bandwidth, and how. If you suspect an employee is wasting time surfing the web or playing games, you can know for certain and address the issue appropriately.

mPoweredIT Fire RingAnti-Spam Services

Keeps your network from being cluttered with junk, which slows it down and steals productivity.

mPoweredIT Fire RingTraffic Prioritization

Prioritizes Internet usage for best performance.

mPoweredIT Fire RingAnti-Virus/Anti-Malware Protection

Stops threats that reach your computers for 2nd layer of protection — for anything that gets past the firewall.

All For One Low Monthly Fee!

We’re your proactive security team, fully equipped to provide the best prevention against whatever destruction cyber thieves are thinking up next.

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