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MSP stands for Managed Services Provider. That can mean different things to different people because the breadth of services can vary from one MSP to the next MSP.

A Cloud Services Provider (CSP) is a third-party company which offers a cloud-based platform, infrastructure, and application or storage services. Businesses of all sizes are embracing cloud technology because of the unprecedented flexibility, scalability, security and overall cost savings. Adopting a cloud-based IT network is fast becoming necessary to keep a competitive edge.

But, there is a new term being used called TSP – or Total Solutions Provider. TSP generally indicates that the provider offers end-to-end technology services for small businesses; IT services, of course, but also cloud services,  low voltage cabling, voice over IP services, web development and everything in-between.

mPowered IT’s Embrace Cloud Services makes it easy and affordable to transition to a cloud-based network so your business can immediately reap the benefits. Are you ready for better IT support? Call us now at 678-389-6200 or contact us online.

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