Employee Training Can Prevent HIPAA Violations

HIPAA Compliance, HIPAA Audit

Human error is one of the primary causes of HIPAA violations. Even your best employees can make mistakes, or inadvertently create a situation that leads to a violation. All employees need HIPAA training, so that they understand what would constitute a violation, and what they should do if they see other employees mishandling information.

Fortunately, the software solution I’m now offering my medical and dental practices also covers HIPAA training. Compliance Guard is an end-to-end solution to help busy practices simplify compliance and provides the staff training necessary to ensure the whole team is on board.

The training, and tracking who has been trained in what areas, will be helpful during a HIPAA audit. The Compliance Guard software handles all the tracking and reporting. Because the software was developed by auditors, you can be assured that it covers everything that would be assessed during an audit. You’re never alone with Compliance Guard – our Compliance Coaches will answer questions and guide you. No practice that uses Compliance Guard has ever failed an audit! 

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