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win2k3endisnearTechnical support and security updates from Microsoft for Windows Server 2003 will end on July 14th.

This means your server will be at a heightened risk for potential attacks and brings in to focus a number of important issues. Check out these three:

Important Issue #1

The hacker community will likely view unsupported systems as compelling targets. The more Windows Server 2003 users that remain after July 14, the greater the risks. Currently, there are millions of businesses running Windows Server 2003. Even the department of homeland security is concerned. Check out what they have to say here.

Important Issue #2compliance

Compliance violations for businesses on version 2003 are imminent. Companies that process regulated data – such as credit card payments or patient medical records – may be out of compliance. This could result in fines, or worse, being cut off from key partners.

Important Issue #3

If you have a security breach, you’re required to report it. A security breach occurs when there is a loss, theft, or other unauthorized access to sensitive information. 47 states now have security breach notification laws, meaning that businesses must immediately disclose a data breach to their customers. If you are breached, how will this impact the trust and integrity of your company? See state laws here.

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