5 Reasons to Toss Your Firewall & Switch to Enforce Managed Security


Your Firewall Can Put Your Network at Risk

Is your firewall up to date? When was it last updated? If you don’t know, your network may be exposed to new threats that evolve and get more diabolical with each passing day.

CNN Money reported that nearly half of all cyber attacks happen to small businesses because they are easy prey — they don’t put real security measures in place.

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Small business are vulnerable to hackers and cyber threats

Reason 1  

You are NOT too small to be a target for hackers.

Inc Magazine says cyber attacks on small businesses rose 300% in one year. Your financial data, customer lists, credit card information, and employee data (i.e. social security numbers) are exactly what the bad guys are after.

Enforce Managed Security specializes in protecting small businesses from a broad range of threats.


Reason 2  

Firewalls need updates.

Vendors may release dozens of updates each year and your firewall becomes compromised the minute an update is available and not applied. Your current firewall probably needs manual updates. Thant means someone must regularly check for updates, decide if they should be applied, then go through the update process. What about the exposure time between identified vulnerabilities and the manual application of the update? Care to wager on when your firewall was last updated?

Enforce Managed Security utilizes a DAILY automatic update process that avoids downtime. You don’t have to rely on someone to efficiently check for updates and apply them.


Reason 3  

You need comprehensive web filtering.

You know all of those sites that people aren’t supposed to be visiting while at work? Those are the very sites that can unleash viruses and malware in to your network. Not only that, but by allowing your employees unlimited Internet access for non-work purposes, you lose employee productivity, bandwidth, and can even be at risk for sexual harassment suits. Depending on what report you read, employees spend between one and three hours per day at work surfing the web for personal reasons.

Enforce Managed Security enables you to block the sites that make your business vulnerable and people unproductive.


Reason 4  

You need Quality of Service (QoS) features.

QoS is like a traffic light – directing what traffic gets to proceed and what needs to wait. More and more network services are delivered over precious Internet bandwidth, so it’s increasingly important to have QoS in place. Without it, an important customer call over your Voice-over-IP phone can get ‘choppy’ because bandwidth is being used up for other things (see Reason 3).

With Enforce Managed Security, we can prioritize critical traffic to make sure things like VoIP phones and other important services are not robbed of network bandwidth by non-essential traffic.

Reason 5  

You need a proactively monitored, regularly updated, preventive system in place.

Enforce Managed Security Provides:

  • Daily configuration backups
  • Automated daily, weekly, and monthly reports
  • Monitored hardware health and integrity checks every 10 minutes
  • Email filtering against real-time engines and blacklists
  • Real-time Intrusion Detection and Prevention with updates

You are already paying for inadequate protection, annual subscriptions and often the labor to manage it. Convert all of that spending in to an easy monthly payment and take your network security to the next level with Enforce managed Security from mPowered IT.


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