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We despise cybercriminals. They’re a menace to business. We’re very protective of small business in Atlanta and continuously up our game to stay ahead of them. We can do thorough penetration tests (ethical hacking) on your network to fix any vulnerabilities before you’re breached.

Our Penetration Testing Methodology

We use a penetration testing methodology (“ethical hacking”) that combines both traditional and new attack techniques to stay ahead of hackers.


  • Information about your organization is gathered to map out the environment. In the case of an external penetration test, information such as domains, IP addresses and ranges, compromised email addresses, and employee information is discovered.


  • Once the targets have been identified, our certified consultant uses both automated and manual vulnerability analysis tools to identify security flaws.


  • Demonstration of impact is performed by attempting to escalate access into systems and/or sensitive data within the environment


  • An assessment of the organization’s business is performed, which includes identifying the most critical business resources. From this analysis, the consultant identifies the best approach to formulation an attach against the exposed security flaws.


  • Depending on the security flaws exposed, exploitation is performed to attempt gaining unauthorized access to systems and/or sensitive data.


  • Documentation is collected, reviewed, and presented to your organization in a clear, concise, and effective manner. In addition to supporting data, strategic and technical recommendations are provided to help your organization with successful remediation.

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