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Why Embrace Workspaces Makes Sense for Your Practice

Embrace Workspaces – a cloud virtual desktop service – improves your security, makes backups automatic and reliable, and keeps your practice HIPAA compliant. It’s ideal for remote or work-from-home employees as they can work from your systems and share information from anywhere. All the benefits of Embrace Workspaces come with lower operating costs.

Much Better Security

Embrace Workspaces provides much better security than what you typically have right now. It includes backup, regulation compliance and helps you avoid downtime with a quick restore in the event of an attack.

Systems from Secure Datacenters

Embrace Workspaces uses enterprise-grade security with multi-factor authentications, RFID access, multi-layer firewalls, anti-DDoS protection, and physically locked access to your patient data. Our cloud virtual desktop is much more secure than most small organizations can provide. This ensures attackers can’t reach any of your data, including patient records.

Proper Backup Plan for Your Systems and Data

Embraces Workspaces is backed up every day and kept encrypted off-site, so your data can be recovered easily and quickly in the event of a human mistake, local disaster or cyber-attack.

Access Control toYour Data

Embrace Workspaces requires end user authentication with password verification via email or phone confirmation before gaining access. Our cloud desktop also monitors all accesses and blocks suspicious activity or too many failed attempts which prevents impersonation by hackers.

Built-In Regulatory Compliance

Your data is stored in data centers that are HIPAA compliant.


Easy & Secure Remote Access

Embrace Workspaces can be accessed by any modern device that is connected to the Internet, in Atlanta or anywhere in the world.

Software Virtualization

You can host your practice software in our cloud virtual desktop environment and have your physicians, staff and even patients (if you’re using a patient portal) access it from any machine type (Mac, laptops, Chromebook, Tablets, Smartphones) or operating system.

Server and Desktop Virtualization

Your on-site servers and desktops can be virtualized with the same or even better specifications, and made available to your staff remotely.  This makes it easy to implement a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy and a working from home program within your practice.

Spend Less Capital on Computers, Servers & Software

Pay as You Save

You get the latest generation of computer systems for your practice and only pay for what you need. This eliminates the unnecessary expenses on software upgrades and hardware purchases that you can’t take full advantage of. Embrace Workspaces scale seamlessly without having to re-install anything when you need more space or users.

Software Updates for All Users

Since all the end users are on one cloud virtual desktop system, you update the software once and every user gets the latest version instantly, making software upgrades and maintenance quick and easy.

Multi-User Resource Sharing

You can add several users on one instance with every user having a private desktop. No more one to one computers, because hardware resources are shared among the users so the total hardware/software requirements are much less.

No Capital Investment

Embrace Workspaces doesn’t require you to make any initial capital investments and is available for a single person or thousands of users.

How Embrace Workspaces Works Better for Your Practice

More Affordable

Most cloud desktop services are built for large corporations and enterprises, and priced that way too. Ours is built and priced just for small and medium sized businesses and medical practices. 

Optimized to Run Any Application

Many only run standard software, but often can’t run your custom apps or unique configurations. We can set you up on any application you are using.

No Additional Software Required

Other services require a “Virtual Private Network” (VPN), additional applications for sharing files, screen sharing, and presentations. We don’t have that requirement, nor the expense that goes with it.

Better Speeds

Most virtual desktop vendors use old technologies invented in the 90’s that are not as snappy to load or run—and many can’t run video or detailed graphics. We provide new, faster running technology to meet or exceed your needs.

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mPoweredIT Fire RingBest Collaboration

Embrace Workspaces is redefining virtual office collaboration. You get unified management of all endpoints, built-in sharing, and the ability to transfer files of any size.

mPoweredIT Fire RingBest Performance

Our HIPAA compliant cloud virtual desktop service is typically three times faster than alternative systems and you will barely notice that you are using a cloud desktop since the performance is equivalent to that of a physical computer.

mPoweredIT Fire RingMore Security 

Our team of security professionals completely manages the defense and back up of your Embrace Workspaces with daily backups (in redundant multiple locations for disaster recovery), and behind the scenes data security. In the event of a local disaster, your fail-safe system will be up and running within minutes following the incident. 

mPowered IT has brought order and reliability to the technology systems our practice relies on. Their responsiveness, communication, and use of cloud technologies has made our practice more functional and secure. They have made such a difference for us!

Kim E.

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