How to Gain Efficiency from Your Remote Workforce

If your business survived Covid by transitioning to a remote workforce – fantastic! Now that the worst of the pandemic seems to be behind us, coping can no long be the objective. It’s time to thrive again. You have no doubt seen multiple benefits from having a full or partial remote workforce, and employees may be pleading to keep it permanent. Here are some tools to make working from home more efficient for your team.

VoIP – Voiceover Internet Protocol

VoIP is a phone service delivered over the internet – it allows you to make a call directly by using a computer or a VoIP phone. VoIP allows you to reach your team anywhere on the globe easily and at a lower cost that traditional phone systems.

Let’s list some of the many reasons why VoIP has become the number one choice for business owners all over the world.

Service Mobility

Traditional phone systems assign a specific number to a line that runs to a business. This makes any change to remote working a nerve-racking experience, because you are trusting your employees to remember and input the right codes into their mobile in order for it to show up as the reputable office number.

VoIP makes it possible for you to make your service completely mobile. Your team can work flexibly from anywhere, they can work from home a couple of days a week then spend the rest of the days in the office, or any combination you wish. VoIP allows for such seamless interchanges between remote and on-premise working that to your clients, it seems you’re always in the office.

Seamless mirroring of the office setting

With VoIP, your customer processes stay exactly the same – they call the same reputable company number and are greeted with the familiar company slogan or greeting. Seemingly small details like this are the pieces of the puzzle that make a massive difference to the quality of service and professionalism that you project to your customers.


VoIP relies on a good Wi-Connection so a common concerns that if the Wi-Fi goes out, so does your phone system. But VoIP can eradicate this risk. If implemented correctly, you can choose where your calls are forwarded to so if you were to lose your Wi-Fi connection then you simply direct your calls to a different location and continue as normal.

VoIP with Microsoft Teams – The Best Choice

For most of us Microsoft Teams is already a staple of our daily lives, or at the very least we are familiar with its capabilities. Microsoft Teams is one of the most popular business applications on the market today. It allows businesses to streamline daily work tasks, and it offers your team the ability to connect with each other from anywhere on the globe with an internet connection. Teams improves levels of communication, collaboration, and productivity when working, regardless of your employees’ locations, and your team can use all the features available in the Teams platform.

Teams can be invaluable when used to its full potential and when combined with VoIP, you have all the connection, communication and collaboration tools you need to manage a remote workforce.

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