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shutterstock_419539471We have all been there.
The moment of sheer panic, followed by dread. An important document goes missing for inexplicable reasons, or your computer shuts down taking your file with it. You remember saving, but as hard as you search, you can’t seem to recover it.

Defeated, you find yourself forced to scramble, push back important deadlines, and explain to your supervisor or client why the meeting, product, or service is going to be late. Everyone loses.

Having a secure backup method for your small business is essential.

Secure offsite cloud backupSpecifically, offsite data backup. A USB drive can easily be damaged or broken and takes time to load each file. CDs are simply outdated. Even automatic once-daily onsite backups are not enough – you could lose a whole day’s worth of data. Having quick access to most recent copies of your files saves time and money.

The best data backup solutions enable you to recover lost data fast, without disturbing your workflow. When there is a crisis, a data backup isn’t a luxury – it’s a necessity.

So what is your network relying on?

Most small business’s backup systems are inadequate, don’t address the most basic backup needs (restore time and restore points) and ignore some of the most common threats to your data.

The mPowered IT Ensure Program provides complete Backup & Disaster Recovery (BUDR) services so whatever disaster occurs to your network, your data is safe and available.

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