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YES. In fact, your small business may be targeted specifically because it is small.ransomware-guy

Cybercrime targeting small businesses is on the rise. You may not suspect that your business is a target for cybercrime. It is. Hackers are not picky from who they steal from and your business is no exception.

The most common method hackers use is ransomware.

Here are three known ways hackers execute a ransomware attack:

1. After you discover you cannot open a file, you receive an email ransom note demanding a relatively small amount of money in exchange for a private key. The attacker warns that if the ransom is not paid by a certain date, the private key will be destroyed and the data will be lost forever.

2. You get duped into believing you are the subject of a police inquiry. After being informed that unlicensed software or illegal web content has been found on your company’s computer, you are given instructions for how to pay an electronic fine.

3. The malware surreptitiously encrypts the your data but does nothing else. In this approach, the data-napper anticipates that you will look on the Internet for how to fix the problem. The crooks make money by you selling anti-ransomware software on legitimate websites.

Luckily, we are well equipped to prevent ransomware and other cyber attacks. Enforce Managed Security protects your entire network against any type of threat, attack, shutdown or outage — saving you downtime, loss of revenue, lawsuits, and possible collapse.

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