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One of the most important services your IT person or outsourced IT company can provide is clear, objective information about your technology needs. Unless you’ve invested the time and research into technology, you need to gather that from those who spend every day working with it, and keeping up with the changes. What often happens with an in-house IT person, is they fall in love with technology. They may advise your company to make purchasing decisions based on a new technology they find amazing – but it may not actually be the most suitable for your needs.

A good IT outsourcing company listens to your business needs first, and offers solutions second, without any ulterior motives. A good outsourcing IT company will not let sales people get in the way of good technology people. In fact, a really good IT outsourcing company will not even sell products, so there’s no incentive to push any particular technology.

With mPowered IT, you’d also have access to a real technology executive – a CIO – who will function as part of your management team, working as your advocate. We can objectively inform you of what new technologies are available, and what makes the most sense for your business now, and as it grows.

mPowered IT aligns its business interests with yours. It’s in both of our best interests for your business to have the right technology, and to have it functioning properly. We know we’re doing our job right when your systems are ideal for your needs, and they perform so well you rarely even need a service call.

Call mPowered IT at 678-389-6200 to get true objective IT advice, and reliable IT service & support for your small business.

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