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Questions to Ask Your IT Service Provider

About their Backup Service

It’s scary to think that most businesses don’t kw if their data backup and disaster recovery plan will work until it doesn’t. Here are 4 quick questions to ask yourself about your IT service provider’s backup and disaster recovery plan.

1. Does my service provider perform periodic test restores of your backups to make sure the data is not corrupt and could be restored in the event of a disaster?

mPowered IT: We regularly perform a test restore from backup for our clients to make sure their data can be recovered in the event of an emergency. After all, the worst time to “test” a backup is when you desperately need it.


2. Does my service provider offer both off-site AND an on-site backup with monitoring?

mPowered IT: One size does not fit all clients. We always recommend the most appropriate and up-to-date backup option for your business, and we diligently monitor for successful completion.


3. Does my service provider insist on backing up your network BEFORE performing any type of project or upgrade?

mPowered IT: We do.


4. If I were to experience a major disaster, does my service provider have an option for how my data could be quickly restored and/or one that enables me to work from a remote location?

mPowered IT: All clients receive a simple disaster recovery plan for their data and network. We encourage them to do a full disaster recovery plan for their office, but at a minimum, their network will be covered should something happen.


Your business relies on its data – your customer database, employee records, inventory, work files, financials – everything. If your network crashes and your backup system doesn’t restore your data as promised, your business will come to a halt until it’s restored. Many small businesses do not survive the cost of a network disaster.


There’s no need to fret about gloom and doom scenarios. You just need to be able to trust your IT service provider to keep your data safe. If any of the four protocols above are not part of their business model, please call us at 678-389-6200 or contact us online.

John Mamon, CEO
mPowered IT

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