IT Service & Support in Atlanta

Our unwavering promise is to provide you the fastest support, and the most
personal, caring and friendly customer service. We will take care of your computer
network as if it’s our own – as if it’s our business on the line.

Five things you can absolutely count on with mPowered IT Support

24 / 7 / 365
to prevent problems
to every
service request
so you don't have the same issue again
with no
ugly surprises
or we will find you another provider

Choosing the wrong Managed Services Provider (MSP) can cost you business.
Use this checklist to help you find the right provider.

Compare the mPowered IT Experience
to Ordinary Managed Services Providers


mPowered IT ENABLE Program

Other MSPs

IT Staff

Real 24/7 monitoring of over 2,000 points within your company's network.



Nearly impossible

Warnings & alerts addressed 24/7


Doesn't happen


Calls answered by American IT Engineers


Often outsourced to foreign country


Customer service

Beyond excellent


Ok when available



Added cost



Business person


Not objective

Motivated to keep technology aligned with business needs


If it's profitable


Fee model

Fixed monthly

Hourly or fixed

Salary & benefits

Predictable & affordable


Could be unpredictable


Major incidents

No added service cost

Can blow the budget

Will need outside help


Most profitable when systems work

Could be more profitable when systems have issues

Whatever, it's a paycheck

Real 24/7 Monitoring and Servicing

mPowered IT:

We provide true proactive monitoring, constantly checking over 2,000 service points in your company’s network. When we see an alert, even if it’s in the middle of the night, we address it right away. So when the business day starts, everything is functioning. Your employees can get right to work without even knowing there was an issue.

Other Managed Services Providers:

Most provide “monitoring” but it’s reactive. So if a problem arises in your network after hours, your MSP won’t even be aware of it until the next business day. It may take hours to fix, which could mean disruption of workflow, communications, sales or other vital business operation.

Staff IT Service Person:

Unless your business has a high tech monitoring system, a staff IT person can’t be proactive. No one will know there’s an issue until an employee discovers something’s not working. Work is generally disrupted before problems can be identified and addressed.

Friendly Help Desk Staffed by American IT Engineers

mPowered IT:

We believe a help desk should be easy for any employee to use. We hire only American IT engineers, who know how to explain things in simple terms, and want to help you solve the problem. One of our core values is providing our customers with an excellent experience with every call. Think of our help desk as a frustration-free zone!

Other Managed Services Providers:

Many outsource their help desk to foreign countries, where you have to seek help from someone who is difficult to understand, either due to language barriers or their use of overly technical jargon, or both. That person is usually under pressure to get you off the phone as quickly as possible, rather than patiently working with you to solve your problem.

Staff IT Service Person:

You’ll get in-person help, but that person may have multiple responsibilities, and may be unable to keep up with yoru needs. When the staff IT person is out of the office for sick days, vacation, or even lunch, there is no one to address questions or issues.

Do you want problems fixed – or problems avoided?
For proactive IT service and support, fewer network issues,
and less downtime, you want mPowered IT.

Unlimited IT Consulting

mPowered IT:

We work as a key member of your management team, guiding you on technology decisions that are in the best interest of your unique business. We don’t have an incentive to sell you on any system or technology – we are not in business to sell technology. We’re free to advise on the technologies that will keep your costs aligned with your business needs and budget.

Other Managed Services Providers:

Consulting may cost extra, and your consultation may be from a technician, not a business person who has a management perspective, taking your goals and budget into consideration. Many MSPs also sell technology, so they have a profit incentive to sell you on specific systems, which may or may not be what’s ideal for your small business.

Staff IT Service Person:

They usually lack the business acumen to make sound recommendations. They are more likely to recommend the system they know and love, rather than what is best for your business.

Cost Savings

mPowered IT:

We provide our services for a fixed monthly fee, which means you can set your annual budget with confidence. Because we work to proactively keep your systems operational, the fewer problems you have, the more profitable we are. And that’s a win-win. What business wouldn’t want to have a trouble-free computer network?

Other Managed Services Providers:

Hourly-based MSPs profit from your computer issues, so expect a lot of service calls. A major network issue can blow your budget. Many MSPs have no real incentive to fix root issues – they don’t mind repairing the same problems over and over again.

Staff IT Service Person:

The salary and benefits may cost more than our fixed fee, and this person can’t provide 24/7 monitoring to prevent issues, or handle multiple issues at a time. And, if there’s a major incident, they’ll need to call in third party help, which will cost more. It’s less expensive to just have the mPowered IT team working for you 24/7 for a fixed monthly fee.

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