How Much Frustration are You Willing to Put Up With?

If you get frustrated with lousy service at a restaurant, you simply don’t eat there again. But when you get frustrated with your IT service, you put up with it for months or years. You may even renew the contract and pay more next year! With IT managed services, you may feel like you’re at their mercy – you don’t have the resources to fix things yourself and it’s too difficult to switch to another provider. Slow service, lack of urgency, unexpected bills for repairs, and a sense that you’re just not a priority become something normal – it is what it is.

It really doesn’t have to be that way. You can get responsive customer service, fewer issues and no surprise billing if you have the right partner. And to be honest, switching providers is scary – it’s a big move. But our customers tell us their only regret was that they didn’t switch sooner.

At mPowered IT, our business model is built on delivering a remarkable experience. In fact, we wrote the book on great customer service! We take your business under our wing and take care of your IT environment so you never have to worry about it. We proactively monitor and fix issues before you’re even aware they exist.

With some IT service providers, they make more money when you have issues, so there’s less incentive to get to the root cause. The more they have to fix, the more profitable they are. You likely have your service provider’s help desk in your contact list and use it often!

We are just the opposite. We’re most profitable when you have no issues! We put our resources into proactively keeping your IT environment up-to-date and functioning well. We are so good at this that our customers forget who to call when the day finally comes that they have the need for service! They end up Googling us to find our help desk!

The contact our businesses do have with us throughout the year is about the more positive aspects of their technology. Not the issues, but the opportunities. We start with whatever technology you have, and guide you as your business grows to what will work better for you in the future. We’re not suppliers of technology – we’re vendor neutral. But we like to work as your IT partner to ensure you have the right tools at the right cost for your specific business needs.

If you’d rather feel confident and satisfied with your MSP than frustrated, make the move. This is not something you have to keep putting up with. Give us a call at 678-389-6200 and start getting the kind of service and respect your small business deserves.