IT Support for Business: Choosing the Right Partner

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Is Your IT Support a Headache or a True Partnership?

Small businesses often choose to have a third party manage their IT services so they can focus on the big picture. Hiring a random IT service company because they are cheap or in close proximity to your office are the wrong reasons to select a partner and could create problems for you down the line.

If any of the problems and challenges below sound all too familiar, it might be time to switch to better IT service:

They’re Unavailable. Your business should be a priority to your IT managed services provider. If you find yourself constantly on hold, leaving unanswered messages, and being passed from person to person before you finally reach a representative, you’re not getting the service you deserve. You hired a third party to handle IT support to make your business run more smoothly—not to waste time on the phone.

They’re Not Flexible. When you’re working with an IT service they should be willing to collaborate with you to find a solution. They should treat every communication as a way to better understand your business’s unique set of needs and be looking for better ways to serve you.

You Have Recurring Problems. Your managed IT services provider should also help you avoid computer issues rather than simply respond when network errors occur. Fixing what’s broken is not the same thing as finding the root causes and correcting them – permanently.

You Get a One-Size-Fits-All-Response. An IT service that is disengaged with your business sends a form letter or a canned response that answers 10 common FAQs, none of which may apply to you. These are email cop-outs and result in completely inadequate customer service.

mPowered IT Works as Your Business Partner

Your IT structure is a vital part of your business, no matter what business you are in. It’s important to have an IT service provider who
understands that, and works to ensure that your computer network operates smoothly and securely, and is highly responsive should there ever be an issue. If your current IT provider isn’t working for you, or it is taking too much time and effort to get what you need, it’s time to switch to mPowered IT.

mPowered IT offers comprehensive IT service and support, cloud based services, network security and more. As part of your support services, mPowered IT works as a key member of your management team, guiding you on technology decisions that are in the best interest of your unique business. We can provide unbiased advice on the technologies that will keep your costs aligned with your business needs and budget.

For more information about partnering with mPowered IT, call us at 678-389-6200 or contact us online.

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