Share the Risk

Having an in-house IT person or staff seems like the most efficient way to keep your IT network running. After all – you always have someone on-site to take care of issues. But the reality is, their motivations may be counter to your business needs. IT staff are generally not motivated to perform regular maintenance or prevent issues. If everything is consistently running well, they’ll be sitting around most of the time. Their perceived job security depends on fixing what’s broken, so they must justify their existence by continually fixing issues. And when there’s a costly repair, you bear the expense.

Our motivation is completely opposite. We’re paid one low monthly fee to keep your network running, and it’s far easier and more efficient to prevent issues than it is to fix them. And when something does go wrong, we bear expense of fixing it. Most network issues are included in the fee.

Relying on IT staff for service and support means you bear all the risks when something goes wrong – and something will always go wrong! Outsourcing to mPowered IT means you have a managed services provider with business goals that are aligned with your business goals. We both do better when your network is running smoothly with no issues. Occasionally, something may go wrong, but we bear the risk. It’s on us to make it right.

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