The Top 6 Reasons Organizations Switch IT Providers

Managed IT Service Providers (MSPs) help small businesses compete, stay secure and avoid downtime by providing outstanding service, navigate emerging technologies and mitigate cyber security risks.

Let us help you identify the warning signals and what to look for in your next MSP.

Reason #1 – Response to issues is routinely slow

Ask Yourself:

  1. Does your IT support provider respond quickly to your IT issues/problems/needs?
  2. Does slow response time impact you and your business?
  3. How would a faster response time make a difference to your business?

Reason #2 – Remediation of issues is often ineffective (takes multiple call backs to resolve)

Ask Yourself:

  1. Are your IT issues resolved effectively or does it require multiple call backs to resolve your IT challenges?
  2. How does ineffective remediation of your issues impact your business?
  3. What difference would quick and effective remediation make to your business?

Reason #3 – There has been major ‘downtime’ or degraded performance for a period of time.

Ask Yourself:

  1. Have you experienced downtime or any major issues lately?
  2. Have you experienced security breaches or virus issues?
  3. How does downtime impact you, your employees, and your business’s bottom line?

Reason #4 – There is a breach of obligation by the IT provider (not doing what they said they would) like:

  1. Patching isn’t getting done
  2. Backups aren’t working and or you have no idea if they’d work when you need them
  3. Not monitoring the systems

Ask yourself:

  1. Have you had problems with back-ups not working?
  2. Is patching not getting done?
  3. Do you have issues that should have been prevented with proactive monitoring?
  4. When was the last time your backup was tested? How does this impact you?
  5. How do these issues impact your business?

Reasons #5 – There is a lack of value (or more value elsewhere)

Ask yourself:

  1. Are you sure you are getting all you can from the money you are spending on IT?
  2. Has your current IT provider helped you from a budgeting perspective?
  3. Do they provide value at the executive level?

Reason #6 – There is a major problem with communication

Ask yourself:

  1. Would you say that your IT provider is a close partner, genuinely concerned with the success of your business?
  2. Does your IT provider regularly communicate with you on a proactive basis – not just for support issues?
  3. Could your relationship with your IT provider be improved?
  4. What difference would a better relationship make to you?

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