How Many Technology Vendors Does it Take to Get Your Issue Resolved?

The best answer is one! But technology comes from multiple vendors – typically an Internet Service Provider, IT support, hosting, email, word processing, video conferencing, phone systems, etc. When something goes wrong, you contact the vendor, sometimes only to find the trouble isn’t with your website, it’s your hosting, or it’s not your IT network but your Internet service.

If you have a good IT Service Provider who manages your network, you already have a lot of issues covered with one contact. But when an issue falls outside what they’re contracted to managed, they may tell you to contact that vendor directly.

mPowered IT recognizes how difficult and time-consuming it can be to explain the issues to one vendor, let alone two or three – especially if you’re not familiar with the tech lingo involved. We provide vendor coordination. If you were to call us with an issue and it’s not something we’re under contract to perform, we take ownership of the problem and contact the vendor on your behalf. This just makes more sense. Your technologies are often intertwined, with one depending upon another. A coordinated effort by a tech expert to resolve issues is far more efficient. 

When you work with mPowered IT, it takes one call to handle all your technology needs. There’s no scrambling to find the support contact or going online to try to troubleshoot issues by scrolling through a community of questions and answers. It’s just one call or email to mPowered IT.

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