Why Bear the Outrageous Cost of Downtime?



Most SMBs don’t have a realistic idea of what it would cost if their computer network were to go down or be inaccessible for any reason. Businesses that do estimate the cost figure around $5000 per hour – but that’s actually low. The cost is actually around $18,000 per hour. Considering how much of your business is tied to your network, you have to figure not only the hard costs of recovery, lost productivity and sales, but also lost opportunity costs – the potential customers who attempted to access your business and couldn’t.

But SMBs with a solid backup and disaster recovery plan can continue business as usual, even with a system failure or power outage that lasts for days. With our Ensure program, your system is backed up continuously throughout the day, every day, and should your server fail, your business is not disrupted. Your business continues off the backup system during repairs.

No business should bear the cost of downtime, when the loss of revenue is almost completely avoidable. The Ensure program provides all the backup and disaster recovery you need for a low monthly rate. In fact, you could be on the Ensure program for many years, enjoying the peace of mind knowing your data is safe and accessible to you, and your cost would be nowhere near what you’d pay for even a few hours of downtime. It just makes good business sense to have Ensure in place – because eventually something will go wrong.

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