Does your Johns Creek Business need Better IT Support?

Need worry-free service?

No business should have to worry about their computer systems, or rely on an MSP that isn't all that reliable. You just need to know everything is work fine so you can focus on your business.

Powered IT provides remarkable IT service and support for Johns Creek businesses, medical practices, and insurance agencies. You can expect prompt attention and service, and a commitment to keep your systems operational, with fewer service calls. At mPowered IT, we ensure that you get the help you need right away – response to service requests in 15 minutes or less.

Five things your Johns Creek business can count on with mPowered IT Support


24 / 7 / 365
to prevent problems

to every
service request

so you don't have the same issue again

with no
ugly surprises

or we will find you another provider
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Does Your IT Company Also Help You with Your Technology Needs?

mPowered IT is with you for more than you maintenance and repair needs. We act as your IT business consultant, providing unbiased guidance on what technology your business will need to stay competitive.

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Your business is not too small or too large to benefit from IT support services. We will provide you with the right level of service that meets your business’s operations scale and budget. We give you the same level of quality and service that large corporations get, customized for your budget.

Here’s how we're different:

  • We partner with your business to ensure the continuous performance of your IT systems.
  • We strive to fix most issues before you are even aware they exist.
  • We take pride in providing a remarkable IT support experience.

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Johns Creek Business

Get all the IT service & support, security, and technology a big business has – for a fraction of the cost!

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Medical Practices

Keep your patient data HIPAA compliant and secure, and your practice ahead of the technology curve!

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Complete IT service & support for insurance systems and software plus the high level of network security insurance companies need.

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The Best Managed IT Services Provider for Johns Creek, GA

You want your IT service provider to be on your side, working hard to make sure your network is running as it should.
What’s the point of having an IT service provider if you have to stress over getting things fixed?
mPowered IT brings high level IT support to small business, medical practices and schools, and makes it very affordable.
You choose the services you need to fit your budget. Then get back to being productive!

Computer Support Services

Get better IT service and support at a lower cost with much less stress. We're here for you.

Complete IT Support and Cloud Backup Services

mPowered IT can take care of your entire IT network, assuring smooth operation, security and file backup. We customize the services you need for an affordable monthly fixed fee. For all computer services and network support, trust mPowered IT to keep your organization up and running.

IT Support Services

mPowered IT was created to proactively support small business, medical offices and insurance agencies with network maintenance and repairs. We provide network security, backup services, and comprehensive IT services for an affordable fixed monthly fee.

Backup and Disaster Recovery Services

A mistake or disaster is not the time to discover your backup system is inadequate or can't restore any of today's files. We offer automatic onsite and offsite backup protection for your small business, medical office, or insurance agency. If someone accidentally (or purposely) deletes an important file,   your office catches fire, or your equipment is stolen, your data is still safe. Our affordable cloud backup and disaster recovery plans will save you time and money (and headaches) so you can focus on running your organization.

The Most Caring IT Managed Services Provider in Johns Creek

We really do care about the businesses we serve, and it shows in our proactive business model and our responsiveness. We treat your computer network with the same care and sense of urgency as if it were our own business on the line.

Your business is not too small to afford comprehensive IT service. We customize our plans to fit your business. Give us a call at 678-389-6200. We can get you started with the comprehensive support you deserve.

mPowered IT Partnerships

Do you want problems fixed – or problems avoided?

For proactive IT service & support, fewer network issues, and less downtime for your Johns Creek business, you want mPowered IT.

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