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What would it take to put tablets in the hands of your students?


If you want your school to adopt tablets, but you don’t even know where to begin or what it might take to get there, now you can get some answers – FREE!

We specialize in helping small schools like yours implement and manage tablets in classrooms, so you can move the achievement needle while saving time and money.


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  • Avoid potential hazards and pitfalls of tablet deployment
  • Design a pathway to real results
  • Evaluate the true costs of classroom tablet deployment


mPowered IT Works in Partnership with PowerUp EDU
To Bring Tablet Learning to Classrooms


mPowered IT provides the implementation, ongoing management, and IT support for your tablet program.

PowerUp EDU provides the interactive educational content on your tablets, to help teachers teach the materials, and to help students stay engaged and move the achievement needle.


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