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mPowered IT Mobile Device Services is like having your own in-house IT department. We can set up and manage your iPad program, so no teachers or staff members have to be pulled off task to handle tablet questions or issues.


Accelerate the Adoption of iPads or Tablets in Your Classrooms

The mPowered IT Engage Program makes it not only possible, but practical, affordable and easy to adopt mobile technology in even the smallest schools or businesses.

We provide the management, security and technical support while you reap the benefits of reduced costs and more focused and engaged students.


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Full Management & Support for iPad or Tablet Learning

mPowered IT provides all the management and support you need to accelerate the adoption of iPads or tablets. We configure the devices, manage content and compliance with policies, and keep everything running. None of your teachers or staff will have to take on the time burden of managing the school’s tablet program, answering tech questions or fixing issues. We handle everything.

Focus on Teaching and Moving the Achievement Needle

Tablets provide a more engaging form of learning for students. Lessons can be interactive and provide instant feedback, making tablets a vital tool for moving the achievement needle.

Content Readily Available to All Students

When the school wants to provide materials to students, we can push content to specific groups of student tablets. The school continuously saves time and money on things like books and printing supplies.

Limit or Control Student Access

The Engage Program can limit what students can access on their tablets, to help teachers keep students focused on the lesson. Depending upon the type of tablets you use, we can block some or all of the distractions students could access, like the Internet, email, and applications. Some devices may also allow for geo-fencing, which controls access on tablets while at school, but returns them to normal when students take them home.

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Mobile Security on Student Tablets

We can track the location of student tablets, and wipe the data should they be stolen. This virtually eliminates loss and theft amongst students. We can also determine if a student has put the device out of compliance and take automated actions.

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All the IT Support You Need to Make it Work

For less than the cost of hiring IT staff, mPowered IT provides all the trained IT engineers you need to adopt tablets in your school right now. mPowered IT is your technology team.

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