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mPowered IT was just featured in the North Fulton Chamber of Commerce magazine because if our partnerships we form with the small business clients we serve. Our focus is different from most IT Service and support companies. Many managed service providers are fix-it shops, but our focus is on ensuring our clients have and use the technology that’s most appropriate for their needs, and of course, that it’s up and running well. As part of that mission CEO, John Mamon, chairs the GNFCC’s tech forum to help businesses better understand the technology that supports their mission.

Here are some excerpts from the article:

“We did a reboot on the Tech Forum for 2016 and have shifted our focus,” he said. “Our new mission is to enlighten and educate the Greater North Fulton business community on what’s going on in the world of technology

“Soon, your everyday home appliances will be talking on the Internet, and we are working to help educate and enlighten North Fulton businesses on the change that are coming in IT and what that means for them.”

Read the full article.

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