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ENSURE Basic Backup for Atlanta Business

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File-Based Cloud Backup

Ensure Basic is our most affordable option for secure backup. It’s a reliable system that provides both onsite and offsite backup. Doing your own backup, with onsite-only storage, is not enough to keep your files safe. Your onsite backup is still vulnerable to theft, power outages, fire, and natural disasters.

The mPowered IT Ensure Basic Program provides complete file-based backup services, both onsite and offsite, at very flexible and affordable rates. Should you have a network disaster, we have your backup.


    See how affordable it is to have secure local and offsite backup!

How the Ensure Basic Program Keeps Your Data Safe & Secure

mPoweredIT Fire Ring Off-Site Cloud Storage

Onsite backups do not provide enough security. We keep a copy of your backup data in a highly secure facility that’s vigilantly guarded against human intrusion and built to withstand fires, natural disasters and power outages. If your systems go down, or files are lost, we can send you as few or as many files as you need.

mPoweredIT Fire RingEasy Access to Lost or Deleted Files

Your files can accidentally get deleted, or you may be out of the office and need to retrieve something. Our file-based backup service can restore files that were lost, damaged or even deleted.

mPoweredIT Fire RingAutomatic Backup

No one has to remember to back up files. Once we get you set up, your backups are automatic. We test our backup system regularly, so we know it works. So, don’t worry about a power outage or lost laptop. No matter what happens you have backup.

Want more options? See Ensure image-based backups or Ensure VC2 virtual system backups. See all options.

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Ensure Your Data’s Safety Before it’s Too Late!

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We mainly serve clients in the greater Atlanta area, providing IT support to businesses in these zip codes: 30004, 30005, 30009, 30022, 30075, and 30076. We also provide IT services to businesses throughout Georgia and neighboring states.

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