ENSURE Backup & Disaster Recovery (BUDR)

Secure Backup for Small Business

mPowered IT offers three levels of backup service, to meet any small business need and budget. See the options below or contact us for help.

Ensure Your Data is Safe and Your Business is Protected

You rely on your IT network to keep your business running.

So what is your network relying on?

Most small business’s backup systems are inadequate, don’t address the most basic backup needs (restore time and restore points) and ignore some of the most common threats to your data.

The mPowered IT Ensure Program provides complete Backup & Disaster Recovery (BUDR) services so whatever disaster occurs to your network, your data is safe and available.

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Ensure Basic

This is our file-based backup program that gives you an added level of protection offsite. Ensure Basic is reliable, very affordable, and ideal for protecting everything from one device to multiple devices, like tablets, phones, desktops and laptops.

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This is our image-based backup service, which provides continuous backups throughout the day. If your system goes down, we’ll have snapshots of your system and can restore to different hardware if necessary. In many cases, we can even run your server on the backup appliance while repairs are in progress.

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Ensure VC2

This industry-leading technology provides seamless backup for virtualized environments and provides offsite services along with disaster recovery options. You have access to all your data on demand. Especially ideal for businesses required to meet compliance and security mandates.

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ENSURE Business Continuity Through Any Network Disaster

The average cost of downtime for a small business is $18,000 per hour.
The Ensure Program protects your data and significantly reduces downtime, for a low monthly fee.

What Could Possibly Happen?


These are some of the most common threats to your network, which could cause significant data loss and downtime if you don’t have adequate BUDR.

    • Data theft by an employee or hacker
    • Server crash
    • Files accidentally overwritten or deleted
    • Hardware damage by accident or vandalism
    • Fire and water damage
    • Natural disasters such as hurricanes and tornados

How Critical is Your Data?

Of companies suffering catastrophic data loss:

    • 6% survive
    • 43% never reopen
    • 51% close within 2 years
Source: University of Texas

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Ensure Your Data’s Safety Before it’s Too Late!

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