Protect Your Documents with Sensitivity Labelling

protect your documents with sensitivity labelling

What is a sensitivity label?

A sensitivity label applied to a 365 document is a tag that can give you controls over the security of that document, both when creating and saving it, and when emailing it. Sensitivity labels allow you to protect your sensitive business content from cyber threats.

The benefits of sensitivity labels in Microsoft 365

Sensitivity labels allow you to employ multiple document-based security protocols to help protect data from any misuse. Once sensitivity labels are applied, you can carry on creating your document as normal. You don’t have to wait until the document is completed to lock it, because you can set the parameters of the sensitivity label upon creating the document, meaning you are safe from the first word. You can even make it a requirement that your users apply a sensitivity label to their emails and documents. By applying a label to your emails – only those with permission can read the contents of it.

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why this is a feature that offers a big security advantage to companies of all types.

Get more control over sensitive emails by encrypting them

When sending an email, typically you lose control over how that content is used once you hit the send button. The contents of that email can be used by anyone. Sensitivity labels will restrict access to emails as soon as they are sent out.

You can set up policies that only let users from a specific domain outside your business have the ability to view them. You can also put time limits on the content, ensuring that once the content availability expires it becomes encrypted and unreadable.

Label your content automatically

If you send out a lot of sensitive emails in a day, then may sound time consuming but, luckily, you can enable auto labelling. This will not only save you the time labelling every email but will also ensure that your users’ emails are labelled too (there is then no way they can forget or get it wrong). Auto labelling will automatically detect sensitive content in documents and emails that match the pre-set parameters you’ve chosen and set up previously. The content is then automatically labelled with the correct sensitivity label.

You can set conditions based on what the content is – for example, a customer’s home address and card details will be classed as extremely sensitive. Once you set the conditions, there will be restrictions on the viewing and sharing of that information. By doing this, not only is your sensitive data safe but you can save yourself a lot of time in training your team on how to use the new tools.

These are just some of the ways that sensitivity labelling can assure you that your documents are safe and secure.

Sensitivity labelling will give you peace of mind and assure you that your sensitive and confidential documents are viewed and distributed as they should be by both your team and the team that are receiving them.

If Sensitivity labeling appeals to you, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with a member of our expert team, they will guide you step by step through the process and be sure that you feel confident your documents are safe.

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